Unbeatable weather protection meets modern design.

Whether natural or city - find your outfit for every situation and every weather!

Whether natural or city - find your outfit for every situation and every weather!

Whether natural or city - find your outfit for every situation and every weather!

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System Dual Protection®

Two is better than one

System Dual Protection® (SDP), noticeably dry – inside and out. The innovative double membrane offers maximum safety combined with optimal comfort and climate control. The absolutely windproof, waterproof and extremely breathable System Dual Protection® jackets stay dry on the inside as well, even during intense physical exertion. In the UK, the membrane has already been awarded "The Queen’s Award for Enterprise" – a first in the UK textile segment.

The system consists of two layers of fabric with a hydrophilic (water-loving) membrane separated by an air bridge. This prevents external moisture from permeating inside, while at the same time allowing water vapor generated by physical activity to diffuse outwards through the membrane system.  According to the blotting paper principle, the inner membrane construction absorbs moisture in the gap between the two membranes. The waterproof membranes - including the inner membrane - prevent moisture from working its way back towards the wearer's body. The external membrane layer works in combination with a ventilation mesh to guarantee consistent evaporation of excess heat and moisture into the environment.

SDP uses two membranes with an air gap between them. The system follows a principle similar to double-glazed windows, stopping warm air from coming into direct contact with cold air to reduce the formation of "heat bridges" and associated condensation. The air gap also acts as a heat barrier which retains body heat on the body.

The air bridge offers effective insulation. Air is an outstanding insulator and is also very light.


Full details of the men's TAMESI and TOMATLAN SDP jackets can be found here:



Full details of the women's SAJAMA and DRAVA SDP jackets can be found here:





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