Unbeatable weather protection meets modern design.

Whether natural or city - find your outfit for every situation and every weather!

Whether natural or city - find your outfit for every situation and every weather!

Whether natural or city - find your outfit for every situation and every weather!

Out now: The new Maier Sports ski collection.


Maier Sports - PFC-free equipment!

A clear mission, a clear aim: we are assuming our product responsibility. By the end of 2020, we aim to eliminate polyfluorinated and perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) from our textile production process. As demonstrated, in 2014, with the launch of our first PFC-free outdoor- jacket.

What does PFC-free mean?

Fluoroorganic compounds, known as PFCs, are used in textile treatments for outdoor clothing. Their effectiveness in repelling water, dirt and oil guarantees the high performance of outdoor products. They are applied to the surface of the outer material and pose no health risk for the person wearing the garment.

However, these substances present risks for both people and nature during the textile production process, washing and disposal of the finished product. They accumulate in the environment and make their way into the human body through the food chain. They are non-biodegradable or only to an extremely limited extent. Researchers suspect PFCs of being a ticking time bomb.


Maier Sports - a pioneer in sustainability

The material unveiled at the OutDoor exhibition in 2013 is a purely aqueous polyurethane emulsion that is free from PFCs and solvents. It protects workers in textile factories, reduces environmental pollution and gives consumers the reassurance of wearing clothing that is functional and yet free from harmful substances.

Maier Sports committed to this issue several years ago. Today, Maier Sports has become one of the first outdoor clothing manufacturers to have succeeded in including PFC-free jackets in its 2014 spring/summer collection. Both waterproof and breathable, the 2-layer "Andalo" and "Tamesi" jackets for men, and the "Patria" women's model feature permanent impregnation to offer sustainable weather protection with no harmful PFCs.


Maier Sports PFC-free equipment: lasting weather protection


Maier Sports PFC-free euipment offer you another important benefit: lasting weather protection. While traditional textile impregnations wash out over time, Maier Sports PFC-free impregnated jackets can go in the washing machine as often as you wish - without any loss of performance!

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