Maier Sports and the Fair Wear Foundation

We take Responsibility

Globalization and the associated political dynamics shape our time. Environmental pollution, excessive consumption of resources and global warming are the dark sides of this development. Only acting can initiate a turnaround. Only those who operate sustainably, i.e. conserve resources and return as much of what they consume to the earth, act responsibly.


Our fairness promise

Maier Sports has accepted this responsibility and attaches great importance to sustainable thinking and sustainable production. Sustainability begins when dealing with employees. We work with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) based in Amsterdam, an independent non-profit organization ( that aims to improve global working conditions in the textile industry.

We have been a member of the foundation since 2011 and are committed to meeting the requirements of the FWF completely and at any time. The Fair Wear Foundation guidelines are considered the strictest in the world. With this cooperation, we underline our sense of responsibility towards our production facilities and, above all, their employees, and we stand consistently and indispensably for fair working conditions.

Fair Wear Foundation Standards

We are committed to implementing the following eight work guidelines in our production facilities in a controllable manner at all times:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination in employment
  • No exploitation of child labour
  • Payment of a living wage
  • Reasonable hours of work
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • A legally binding employment relationship 

The FWF constantly reviews the improvements of its members through an annual performance review at the company headquarters, audits of production facilities and a complaint option for workers in the factories.



All requirements of the Fair Wear Foundation were communicated to our main suppliers and our own production plants.

The production facilities in which we produce are permanently and regularly checked. The Maier Sports production philosophy therefore not only includes sourcing conditions, but is also based on responsibility that we assume towards our partners. That's what we stand for, and we're working on it step by step, together with our suppliers.

You can find more information at the Brand Performance Check.