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Endurance test by the Wanderfalken

As nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts, we are always out and about on the hiking trails across Germany. To make sure the weather won’t present an obstacle in this, it is important to make a good choice with regard to outdoor clothing. We, Annkatrin König and Silas Landeck, run the hiking blog wanderfalkeonline.de.

By Wanderfalken

Silas and Annkatrin test Maier Sports

“High praise for the great jacket.”
Annkatrin König


Social media is the keyword – this is where we first came into contact with Maier Sports. While scrolling through our newsfeed, we became aware of the ‘Maier Sports Endurance Test’ campaign and were immediately enthusiastic about it. A few weeks later, an e-mail from Maier Sports actually appeared in our inbox: we had been chosen! Now all we had to do was specify our clothing sizes for the test and wait for the post to arrive.

In January, it was finally time. Opening the parcels was like a second Christmas in the new year and we were excited to see which clothes had been provided for us. We both got the Tech Pants softshell pants – one pair in the men’s style and one pair in the women’s. “Ideal,” was our first thought. After all, our next hiking holiday in the snow-covered Upper Black Forest was just around the corner. It doesn’t hurt to have water-repellent and warming hiking pants for that. Our new winter hiking outfit was perfectly complemented by the Metor Therm W (Annkatrin) and Notos M (Silas) functional jackets. We were absolutely thrilled, especially after trying them on. We rarely find the right size for us in the shop straight away – Maier Sports certainly delivered on its promises in terms of fit.

"Absolutely superb.”
Silas Landeck


Did the clothing meet our expectations based on our first impression? Maier Sports is excellent when it comes to workmanship and the quality of the fabrics but, ultimately, outdoor clothing has to pay off in practice. We wasted no time in making the most of the winter to go on our first snow hikes and toboggan rides. This is where we gained our first experiences with the new clothing. However, the jackets and pants also needed to prove themselves in the long-term test. So we went into the Breitscheid cave system, through the Felsenmeer (sea of rocks) in Hemer, up the Kahler Asten near Winterberg, through the icy Ravenna Gorge, and up to the Feldberg in the Upper Black Forest with the rapid descent back down again on cross-country skis. The jackets and pants have now covered hundreds of kilometres of hiking and are still worn with pleasure. We can only speculate: it is probably down to the good workmanship and the intelligent choice of fabrics. We are thrilled by Maier Sports. The clothes have withstood all of their ordeals well apart from one or two blemishes and we are looking forward to the coming years with these great outdoor jackets and pants.

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