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Ski jackets

Skiing across the piste at top speed, ploughing through the fresh powdery snow or casually carving down the slope – the right ski jacket will give you all the freedom of movement you need and will even keep you dry. For 80 years, we at Maier Sports have been developing clothing that is functional yet fashionable – and that also includes ski jackets. After all, you don't want to wear your favourite jacket just on the slopes, but also in your free time.


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What makes a good ski jacket?

Good skiwear combines winter clothes with functional clothing. You can wear it for skiing and in your free time and it will keep you nice and warm. That applies to pants and naturally also to ski jackets. The latter needs to fulfil a range of functions that standard jackets do not usually feature. Above all, they should:

  • keep you warm
  • keep you dry
  • provide freedom of movement 

And they shouldn’t ignore style, either, as you want to look good on the piste as well. Ski jackets from Maier Sports deliver on all these points hands down – and as a fitting specialist, we are committed to making sure that your jacket is perfectly tailored to your body type.

Keeping warm through the winter

Anyone who swooshes down the slopes at full speed in minus temperatures should be wrapped up warm. But more fabric is not necessarily the answer. Because the fuller the jacket gets, the more difficult it is to move.

So it all comes down to the right materials. We at Maier Sports apply technically advanced insulating fabric that stores your body heat – such as PrimaLoft® insulation or mTHERM padding.

Snow, but you'll get there dry

Brilliant sunshine, clear mountain air and a freshly groomed piste right in front of you: that’s every skier’s dream. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always play along as in your dreams. And even if it doesn’t snow: all it takes is one single fall to send you down into the horrible wet snow.

Our waterproof ski jackets will make the fun last longer. No matter whether it’s snowing, your skiing partner brakes and sends a round of powdery snow in your face or you simply collapse into the snow after a strenuous descent: our ski jackets guarantee that no moisture will penetrate thanks to mTEX weather protection. Depending on the model, you can choose between ski jackets with either mTEX 10.000 or 20.000 – that means: the fabric has a water column of 10,000 or 20,000 mm.

"mTEX not only provides a waterproof finish, but also makes your ski jacket windproof and highly breathable."

Moreover, most jackets have a PFC-free water-repellent finish. This ensures that the outer materials as well as the layers of fabric underneath are protected from moisture while remaining breathable, therefore preventing heat build-up.


Freedom of movement - like a second skin

Thanks to fashionable yet practical cuts and designs, our ski jackets are much more than just functional clothing for men and women. They let you move freely. No matter whether on the piste or during an afternoon walk through the white landscape. Because a ski jacket is more than just a part of your sports kit. People like to wear it all day long, and that also includes the time spent away from the slopes.

The fabric also contributes greatly to freedom of movement. Our jackets are made from 100% PES. This keeps you warm and is also very lightweight. It lets the clothing fit like a second skin and will also make you look cool during après-ski activities.


So, the jacket is warm, dry and windproof. But what else can it do for you? A good ski jacket consists of more than just the outer material and inner lining. We at Maier Sports are specialists in providing you with the full package. This means: the appropriate clothing in a wealth of sizes and designs that give outdoor enthusiasts excellent protection, but also meet many more needs.

This is why many of our ski jackets come with the following extras:

  • snow guard
  • cuffs
  • ticket pocket
  • visual highlights 

A few elements are responsible for not letting snow get into the ski clothing, whereas others are practical in other ways. And no ski jacket should ignore one important factor – safety.


Snow guard

Whether you're a beginner or a passionate skier: falls can happen all too quickly and are just as much a part of skiing as is the pit stop at the mid-station. You not only need the right kit to protect you from injuries, but also the right outfit to stop snow getting into your clothing.

This is why our ski jackets have a snow guard at the hem. Simply close this additional layer – and say goodbye to snow.


The cuffs have a similar function as the snow guard. They fit snugly around the wrists to keep the snow out. Many models also have a thumbhole in the cuffs – combined with gloves to provide maximum protection.

Ticket pocket

If you’re not swooshing down the local mini hill, then you’re probably waiting in a queue with fellow ski enthusiasts for the lift or cable car. You need a ticket to get on and it usually won’t just be for one ride, so you need to keep it in a safe place. This is why having a ticket pocket in your ski jacket is a useful way to stow your ticket and have it close at hand when needed.

"The zips with a long puller are very practical as they are quick and easy to use even with thick gloves on."


Visual highlights

Neon stripes, patches or other striking visual elements add the finishing touch to your ski jacket, making it an eye-catcher in the snowy landscape. But our ski jackets not only embrace fashionable features, as your safety is also important to us. Reflective elements ensure you can be easily seen even in poor visibility or in the dark.

Fashionable, functional and always fitting -
Ski jackets from Maier Sports

You will always find the right clothing at Maier Sports thanks to 32 men’s and 25 women’s sizes. That also goes for ski jackets. As a fitting specialist, we have declared war on badly fitting clothing. In addition to standard sizes, you will also find long and short designs

as it’s important to feel comfortable in your ski jacket when you’re skiing. After all, skiing is supposed to be fun and shouldn’t turn into a war against puffy sleeves, a too short waist or abrasive seams. So you’ll always have everything you need on the piste and for your après-ski activities with a ski jacket from Maier Sports.