Naturno and Lana

Two great all-rounder pants

In late summer and autumn when temperatures get milder, long hiking and trekking tours become especially enticing because of the beautiful new colours on display everywhere, from red and brown leaves to the vivid greens of moss on tree trunks. Clothes that combine reliable weather protection and a comfortable fit help you enjoy these trips through majestic forests, deep valleys and over the mountains. Our popular Naturno and Lana pants have proven themselves in such environments a thousandfold, having kept so many of our customers safe and sound during their trips. These pants are ready for a variety of outdoor activities, thanks to high-quality performance elements as well as great durability and flexibility.

Why do you need special hiking pants at all?

Lots of outdoor enthusiasts still use normal everyday pants when they go on hikes. What they’re missing out on are the great advantages which specially designed hiking and trekking pants such as the Naturno or Lana can offer. The functionality and comfort they provide make long hikes so much more enjoyable. For example, our outdoor pants feature:

  • Reliable materials
  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV protection
  • Pre-shaped knees
  • A water-repellent finish
  • Complete freedom of movement
  • A perfect fit

As you can see, a comfortable pair of specially-designed outdoor pants is an essential part of any outdoor outfit if you’re planning to enjoy your hiking and trekking trips to the fullest.

Hiking and outdoor pants are typically made from specially designed materials which are breathable, effectively wick away moisture from the skin and dry off quickly. This quite often involves innovative blended fabrics containing polyamide and spandex fibres.

When you’re out and about, the outer layers of your outfit are liable to come into contact with tree branches, boulders, thorns and many other things. With a robust polyamide outer layer, these are no problem for your outdoor clothes. Grid-shaped ripstop materials further increase your pants’ resistance against abrasion.

When you’re hiking on tall mountains and the like, the sun’s UV rays are actually more powerful than they would be at sea level. That’s why outdoor pants use densely woven fabrics to protect your skin against UV rays.

Pre-shaped knees on a pair of pants effectively make moving your legs more comfortable by including darts in the knee area. These make the legs on your pants look and feel like they’re naturally curved, which provides for a better fit.

Aside from being durable, a good pair of hiking or outdoor pants should also provide protection against the weather. That’s why we add a water-repellent finish to our pants, protecting you against rain and other sources of moisture during hikes.

Elasticated materials and an ergonomic fit ensure that your hiking pants follow all of your movements perfectly. This allows you to lunge or jump over obstacles whenever needed.

Your pair of outdoor pants should fit you perfectly in terms of waist size as well as leg width and length, since only a well-fitting pair of pants will support you perfectly on outdoor adventures. To ensure you can find your perfect pair of pants, Maier Sports has a total of 25 women’s sizes and 36 men’s sizes to choose from.

some of Maier Sports’ most successful pants

Naturno AND Lana

Naturno and Lana are two of our most well-known products, thanks to their reliable advanced features and materials. Both were created to offer a perfect solution to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts looking for high-performance pants which they can rely on in any environment and in any weather. Together, Naturno and Lana have proven their great performance in many tests.

The perfect choice for men

Naturno and Naturno Slim

Our Naturno pants are the perfect choice for men who enjoy hiking. Whether you’re on a one-day trip or you’re enjoying an extended hike over multiple days, you can rely on these pants and their robust mSTRETCH tec 4 double weave material. They provide maximum freedom of movement while being highly comfortable and breathable. Their elasticated waistband with flex zone makes them a perfect fit. The included belt also allows you to adjust the fit to whatever you prefer.

Moreover, these pants are made of a quick-drying and easy to clean material with dryprotec technology, which makes them even more comfortable and reliable on the trail. Cordura® edge protection elements further increase the durability of the fabric by preventing the leg seams from being torn open by sharp edges. That’s the perfect way of ensuring your pant legs survive a trip into the undergrowth unscathed. And with its environmentally friendly PFC-free finish, the Naturno also offers reliable protection against moisture.

Aside from the regular fit, you can also get the Naturno in a slim fit variant, the Naturno Slim. These pants offer a tight, modern look and fit which makes them suitable for wearing in urban environments as well. And despite its more modern look, the Naturno Slim offers all of the great performance parameters of the non-slim variant.

The perfect choice for women:

Lana and Lana Slim

Our Lana outdoor and hiking pants are the women’s equivalent to the Naturno in every regard: They are made from flexible stretch double weave material which offers amazing freedom of movement and great breathability, allowing the pants to wick away moisture from the skin to make you feel dry even during strenuous activities.

Thanks to our innovative dryprotec technology, the fabric also feels great on the skin and dries off quickly after getting wet. The material’s great durability protects it against sharp stones, branches and ice. The Cordura® edge protection elements only increase this durability further, preventing the leg seams from being torn open.

Like the Naturno, the Lana is also available in a regular fit and a slim fit variant. Lana Slim is the perfect choice for fashion-conscious female hikers, as its tight fit looks very modern, even allowing the pants to be worn as part of your everyday outfit. So, feel free to wear them when you’re out in the city, as well.

Both Naturno and Lana have already won numerous tests in renowned outdoor magazines. For example, the Naturno was rated “very good” by the German outdoor enthusiast magazine “Wandermagazin”.

the perfect choice for a trip into the wilds

Maier Sports hiking and outdoor pants

Our Naturno and Lana outdoor pants are the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts: Both offer great freedom of movement as well as high-performance elements, and they’re comfortable to boot. Perfect for hiking through the woods, going up and down steep mountain trails or any other typical situation you may find yourself in. And thanks to the great variety of different sizes available, we can definitely offer you a pair of outdoor pants that will fit you perfectly.

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