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The perfect winter outfit


Waterproof, warm and fashionable – winter outfits have to meet various requirements, as they are meant to be highly functional while looking good as well. And since hiking trips and Sunday outings might get rather cold and wet in winter, proper weather protection and padding are absolute must-haves.

Especially in times like these, when more people than ever enjoy experiencing the great outdoors on their own, your equipment can keep you comfortable and protected on your hiking trips. Proper clothes turn your daily walk into quality time, both during the Corona lockdowns and after. And to make sure you’ll look good while out and about, Maier Sports winter outfits offer a great variety of colours and designs as well.

Waterproof winter outfits


If your outdoor activities tend to coincide with rainy weather or snow, waterproof jackets and pants from Maier Sports are the perfect choice for you. Clothes like our Gravdal and Diabas, for example, feature innovative mTEX 20.000 membranes, making them the perfect choice for both winter hiking trips and skiing adventures.

Their high-performance, highly elasticated 2-layer design offers maximum protection against any weather condition, no matter how adverse. Meanwhile, the taped seams protect from moisture in these particularly sensitive areas. This ensures you’ll stay dry even if you’re moving a lot.

The weatherproof membrane of these pieces of clothing is supported by an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish which protects the fabric against outside moisture. In addition, this outfit can be easily adapted to fit any body shape and it features both snow guards and a hood.

Warm winter outfits


When it comes to winter outfits designed to allow you to stay warm, proper padding is the most important thing. The padding needs to be able to insulate your body heat, so you’ll feel warm and cosy even on cold days. Maier Sports jackets like the Notos make sure of this via their integrated PrimaLoft® padding with ThermoPlume®. This innovative and environmentally friendly padding material is similar to natural down in terms of its insulation properties. Even better: It dries quickly after getting wet on the trail.

To make sure there’s an appropriate set of pants to go with each of these jacket choices, Maier Sports offers a variety of great outdoor pants such as the Rechberg Therm and Oberjoch Therm as well. These pants feature mTHERM light padding which offers great insulation properties with a low volume of padding material. Even better, moisture on the inside gets wicked away quickly, so you can stay warm and dry.

Winter outfits for warmer days


On warmer winter days, you need less insulation to stay warm, especially on your upper body. This makes sure you don’t start sweating too much and you can stay nice and dry even on long hikes.

Maier Sports jackets featuring light padding, such as the Metor Therm, typically use mTHERM light padding materials. These perfectly combine great breathability, reliable thermal insulation and a low volume of material. Thus, the jacket is particularly airy, lightweight and comfortable. And with its waterproof and windproof mTEX 10.000 membrane, the jacket offers great protection against the elements as well.

If you’re looking for a more lightweight pair of pants, options such as the Naturno or Lana Slim are a great choice. Thanks to their mSTRETCH tec 4 double-weave material, they provide maximum freedom of movement, while the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish protects the fabric from moisture. And if your pants do get wet, dryprotec technology makes sure they dry off quickly and remain easy to clean as well.

Urban winter outfits


Whether you’re taking a stroll through the park in winter or a longer trip out of the city, you’ll want to be dressed properly, both in terms of the functionality of your clothes and in terms of their looks. That’s what the winter outfits from our Urban collection are for: They’re not just highly functional, they also make grey days more colourful, thanks to their amazing designs.

However, jackets like our softshell coat Skyllar W don’t just look good on cold and rainy days, they also offer great features for outdoor enthusiasts. stormprotec technology prevents you from cooling off too much in strong winds, while the soft fleece keeps your body heat in. 3-in-1 jackets such as the Bryant DJ M even feature interior quilted jackets which can be detached and worn separately.

A shapely pair of softshell pants is the perfect addition to your winter outfit. Such as the Perlit, which features highly effective stormprotec technology and a comfortable inner fleece lining. And with their modern design, these pants can be combined with any jacket to create the perfect winter outfit.