This won't be a beach holiday

Endurance test of the Tajo in Bolivia

A long-awaited adventure awaited Dominik, for which preparations had started months before. An important part was finding the right clothes for him. He was looking for a pair of pants that did a little more than just their job. And so he landed an absolute hit with the Tajo hiking pants from Maier Sports.

By Dominik Kraft

We finally arrived in Bolivia after 25 hours’ flying. An adventure awaited me that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and for which preparations had begun months earlier. An important part of those preparations was to find suitable clothing. I was looking for pants in which I could feel comfortable and that did a little more than just the necessary. I really struck lucky with the Tajo hiking pants from Maier Sports.


Bolivia is a country where tourism plays a somewhat subordinate role. That meant I didn’t leave home expecting a beach holiday. The idea of the adventure was more like “Indiana Jones”. This country is characterised by significant height differences, especially the two Andean mountain ranges in the western region with the highlands at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 metres in between.

The question why I chose Maier Sports pants is easy to answer: A height of 1.90 m and weighing 78 kg are not ideal prerequisites for finding something that fits from every manufacturer. I wanted pants that suited me and my plan perfectly. Maier Sports provided the option of buying pants in a long size that were neither too large at the waist nor too short in the leg.

All the pictures were taken on the Choro Trail which doesn’t see that many visitors despite its popularity. Hiking on this trail was most the fascinating part for me.

I decided to explore the trail in a guided tour, with the advantage that I only had to carry a day pack. The trail meanders down from the mountains in a journey of about three to four days. The starting point is at 4,670 m and the trail goes through all the different vegetation zones. The rain forest was very impressive. Plants only known from films and an atmosphere that makes you speechless, even six months later.

“Choosing Tajo was rewarded hundreds of times during the trip. When I properly tested the pants in action, I noticed how ingenious the features and the material are. I am more than happy that I chose Tajo."

Dominik Kraft


The bi-elastic material from which the pants are made, is very forgiving. Whether rough rocks, overgrown resting places, streams or rain: Tajo takes it all in its stride. If the pants get wet from rain, they dry incredibly quickly again. I grew to appreciate the T-zip legs, in particular.

During the purchase, I couldn’t choose between Tajo and Tajo 2. T-zip vs normal zip. Eventually, I chose the Tajo T-zip, and I was proven right for doing so. Being able to zip-off the pants legs without taking your shoes off is a real advantage, in the rain forest, in particular, because there isn’t always a place to remove the shoes.

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