Kaltern at the Lake

One of the most beautiful wine villages in the world

Hiking through hilly vineyards, cycling early in the year like nowhere else or water sports at the warmest bathing lake in the Alps – that’s what a holiday in Kaltern am See in South Tyrol, one of the most beautiful wine villages in the world, looks like. And after all that physical exertion, there is still ample opportunity to relax – we promise!


Kaltern at the Lake in the south of South Tyrol

Sport between palm trees and alpine roses

Some people prefer quiet and relaxing holidays, others look forward to a few days of sports and activities. And it couldn’t be in a more beautiful location than around Lake Kaltern – surrounded by numerous vineyards, where water sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs can enjoy themselves to the fullest, even in spring thanks to the mild weather. Whether swimming, pedal boating, surfing, sailing and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) in and on the water or hiking, cycling and jogging on terra firma, Lake Kaltern attracts all kinds of sports enthusiasts throughout the year.

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Hiking in Kaltern

The Rastenbache gorge

Water has had a magical allure since time began. A unique, natural gem is the wild and romantic Rastenbach Gorge above Lake Kaltern. When hiking through, it soon becomes apparent that this is a mystical place with a special energy. Once you enter the gorge, it gets cold and dark really quickly, you tread more carefully. The landscape alternates between polished rocks, roaring waterfalls and crystal clear puddles. A stimulating environment where you can admire Mother Nature or invent fabulous stories. The observation platform at the end of the trail provides a fantastic panoramic view over Lake Kaltern and the entire southern stretch of South Tyrol.

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Thrillseekers can scale the dizzy heights of Mount Mendel, the local mountain, to do their sports. Hiking or mountain biking between alpine roses and mountain pines is no less exciting. The mountain is easily accessible, and that in an environmentally friendly way via the Mendel Funicular – when it opened in 1903, it went down in history as the steepest and longest light railway in Europe and is still visited by many tourists.


Lake Kaltern and Kalterersee

Swim in one and drink the other.

Kaltern is a wine village and boasts its own wine, the Kalterersee wine. Who else can say that? Pressed from the native Vernatsch grape, it is a light, pleasant and very palatable red wine that goes perfectly with a variety of dishes. Whether pizza, pasta or fish – you simply can’t go wrong with Kalterersee. The locals are proud of their wine, with close ties to it and its production. Although Kalterersee is the most cultivated wine here in terms of quantity, the Kellerei Kaltern (the largest winery cooperative in South Tyrol) and the 24 private wine producers in Kaltern are working towards greater diversity. And that requires the appropriate terroir.  

Wine tradition and diversity

Kaltern lives and breathes wine all year round. Monthly wine events enable wine lovers and connoisseurs to taste and experience the high quality and diversity of wines from Kaltern. With first-hand information thrown in, as the local wine producers are at every wine event in person. These events always revolve around wine, accompanied by culinary delicacies and musical entertainment.


Events and wine for all tastes

In September the traditional 'Kaltern Wine Days' takes place at the historical village square. Wein.kaltern and all of the partner businesses introduce the first wine of the year. Take advantage of the opportunity to taste some of the wine from Kaltern and find your favorite grade. Wine producers and wine experts are looking forward to inform you on the latest production methods, quality and on the differential vines.
Save the date: September 3rd and 4th, 2020

Many times autumn in South Tyrol is considered to be 'golden'. Colorful leafs, deep blue skies and sunny days distinguish the autumn in Kaltern from other regions. The mediterrenean ascendancies of the South makes this evident. We recommend you to deploy the last sunbeams at Kaltern and to live the great experience of the event "Wine and Cuisine" in the historic center of the town. On Saturday 3rd of October 2020 winemakers from Kaltern present a selection of their best wine. While the last grapes still mature you have got the possibility to taste the result of the last grape gathering. Furthermore tasty dishes are going to be served.

Kaltern and the

Music experience

Excellence and quality – these two principles characterise not just the wine, but also the music in Kaltern. The varied programme – from pop to rock, traditional music to classical – appeals to all tastes. Kaltern plays host to festivals with different music genres and has gradually gained international recognition. They range from the outdoor Lake Stage Performances on the only lake stage in South Tyrol (20th & 27th July, 3rd August 2021) to classical music concerts through to traditional and folk music – there’s something for everyone. Kaltern is alive with the sound of music – let it fill your heart and inspire you.


Our inside tip: 

Kaltern Pop is the name of the lakeside festival for music lovers who enjoy good food and wine in charming surroundings. About 30 international bands and solo artists entertained national and international visitors with a variety of music genres. They play in unusual places in Kaltern, such as the South Tyrolean Wine Museum, the Franciscan Church, the Community Centre, the cinema and even the library. Three long evenings of roaring applause, moving encounters, new friendships and inspiring conversations accompanied by typical delicacies and the local wine will whet your appetite for more.
Save the dates: Thursday, 22nd to Saturday, 24th October 2020.