For fall & winter

Outdoor pants can be so much more

Hiking pants, trekking pants, touring pants, travel pants, rain pants. Maier Sports offers a wealth of specific pants for a wide range of different outdoor activities. That’s good and important. However, there’s a great deal more to functional pants as you can use these high-quality, high-performance pants perfectly for other more or less sporting outdoor activities.


The Lana Slim pants for women and their men’s counterpart Naturno Slim are hiking pants for challenging as well as quite harsh situations in the outdoors. They’re an easy match for mountain tours, cabin-to-cabin hikes and mountain paths, which can most definitely involve a few scrapes with rocks. The robust fabric is very abrasion-resistant and keeps the wind at bay while the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish simply lets water drip off. If the pants get wet, they’ll dry in a jiffy. And the bi-elastic material also follows your every move, no matter how extreme.



Sporting contemporaries who enjoy ski tours in spring or swishing on- and off-piste can also wear the Lana Slim or Naturno Slim pants for precisely this purpose. Lothar Baisch, Maier Sports CEO, regularly takes his Naturno on ski tours and is really enthusiastic about the pants. The abrasion protection on the legs and the side zip also make the hiking pants perfect for skiing.


The Raindrop pants for men and women are our award-winning bad-weather pants. Only recently, they were given a best buy rating in the “Wandermagazin” hiking magazine. They are the classic “always-with-you” pants, which you should always have in your backpack. Otherwise, what’s the point in having the best rain jacket when your pants get wet? But rain pants are just as important as rain jackets to protect you from the elements. The Raindrop pants featuring fully welded seams are waterproof, windproof and breathable. The side zip goes up to the hip, making it easier to put them on over hiking pants. Yet the comfortable pants still have a very slim silhouette.



The Raindrop pants are not only the “best rain pants in the world”, as Stefan Taft, Marketing Manager at Maier Sports, likes to say. He also likes to wear the pants on cold and windy days as he feels he is in good hands when it’s unpleasant outside. He enjoys the full protection they provide even during walks or short trips without the pants making him look like an “inflated Michelin man”. The pants “simply feel comfortable”, he reveals. The Raindrop pants with their adjustable hem are also the perfect rain pants for cycling.


The women’s Helga pants and the men’s equivalent Hermann have been designed as warm winter hiking pants. The double stretch fabric is robust and durable. Moreover, they provide plenty of freedom of movement. The napped interior feels comfortable and traps a lot of insulating air. The comfortable cut and perfect fit cater for smiling faces even during long winter hikes, especially as the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish simply lets any falling snow or rain drip off.



Helga and Hermann are perfect for a round of curling or some ice skating and are in fact way too beautiful to only be worn during long winter or foggy fall hikes. As these cosy pants with the nice stretch fabric are also suitable for a “plain-clothed look” in town. This means that on cold days it’s really fun to take Helga and Hermann on a stroll through town, shop at the weekly or Christmas market and round off a shopping spree at a café or restaurant.


The softshell pants for outdoor activities. Perfect for long fall and winter hikes or snowshoe tours when the temperatures are on the unpleasant side – robust, stretch and warm. The sporty cut lets you take very large steps should the need arise. The robust fabric with additional Cordura® reinforcement on the leg bottoms can also withstand hard conditions. The perfect fit and slim cut impress both men and women, whereby the water-resistant stormprotec material makes these softshell pants, also available in short and long sizes, windproof.



Quite a few alpinists also like to wear their tech pants on the slopes when the weather’s good. These pants with Cordura® edge protection and a side leg zip are the first choice for tobogganing or the ice track. When the wind is whistling and snow is falling heavily, the windproof and water-repellent stormprotec fabric and the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish show their true strength. Outdoor enthusiasts and dedicated alpinists will love these year-round pants, which are also impressive on late summer mountain tours.