The stylish, airy and highly functional outdoor skirt

The Hiking Skirt

The sun’s shining and the temperatures will rise well above 20 °C. Nothing stands in the way of your long-planned hiking trip – or a spontaneous adventure. Well, nothing except that old question: “What should I wear in this weather?” Are you the type for shorts, Bermudas, Capri pants or a hiking skirt?

Maier Sports
By Maier Sports

Why choose a hiking skirt?

Hiking skirts are definitely more airy than shorts or Bermuda shorts, as the air can circulate freely around the legs. At the same time, the skirt is still one of the most feminine items of clothing, with no disadvantages compared to shorts or Bermudas.

Our Maier Sports hiking skirts are made of cutting-edge materials which feel great to boot. Like with all types of outdoor clothes, the skirt needs to be able to wick away moisture from the skin as well, while staying breathable in case you’re faced with a strenuous climb that’s bound to make you sweat. It’s nice to have your skin and the fabric of your skirt dry quickly afterwards.

Freedom of movement is important

Freedom of movement is really important to consider when choosing your hiking skirt. When you’re out hiking in the mountains, the forest or wherever else, you will need to be able to take large steps – when you have to clear a tree lying in the road, jump over a small stream or take large steps on uneven stairs. That’s why we at Maier Sports use highly elasticated 4-way stretch fabrics for our hiking skirts. This fabric not only creates the perfect fit for you, it also provides maximum freedom of movement.


Your skirt needs to fit

Speaking of fit: When you put on your hiking skirt, you need to make sure the waistband fits nicely against your body and can be adjusted easily if need be. There’s nothing worse than fiddling with your clothes while out on a hike. Trust us on this, we’re fit specialists, after all. We offer our skirts in various sizes (instead of the simplified S-M-L system): From a 34 to a 48, everyone can find a hiking skirt that fits them at Maier Sports, ensuring that everyone can make the most out of their outdoor adventures.

Put emphasis on low weight

Another point to make: The fabric of your skirt should be lightweight. That’s not just because light fabrics are easier to move in – they also feel really good on the skin, as you can barely notice them. And in case you’re going for a multi-day hiking tour, you can easily carry your skirt in your backpack to switch to another set of clothes if you need to. Of course, the fabric is also low volume, so it doesn’t take as much space in your backpack.

Just in case you get surprised by alight coastal shower or a summer rain, your skirt should be waterproofed, so the water just runs off the fabric. At Maier Sports, all of our skirts, pants and jackets feature an environmentally friendly PFC-free finish on top of quick-drying fabrics.

And take a look at how many pockets you need as well. On the road, it’s really useful to have quick access to small items, so pockets are important to an outdoor skirt.

Skirt or skort?

Last but not least, the most important question: Do you prefer a traditional hiking skirt? Or would you rather wear a skort – a combination of a skirt with integrated legs like you’d find on a pair of shorts?

A skort offers many advantages: Since it feels very much like a pair of shorts, your legs won’t rub against each other when walking, which prevents chafing. What’s more, a skort will protect you against prying eyes when you’re climbing a ladder or a steep incline. On the other hand, a skirt provides better air circulation.

When it comes to a feminine look, both of these choices are perfect, so it’s up to you to decide for one or the other. Which brings us back to the original question: “What should I wear in this weather?”

We hope we’ve given you some idea as to whether you prefer a hiking skirt or a skort. You can find a selection of our skirts here.