Sustainability is a primary corporate goal of Maier Sports GmbH and the basis of our conscious actions. Sustainability is part of our inner attitude, passion and conviction and is the basis of all our company-related decisions. We always aim to make these taking into account the possible effects on our environment, customers, partners and employees.

We see sustainability as a holistic and meaningful goal for a world worth living in. This requires a permanent and high level of mindfulness and responsibility. We are aware that our decisions have a long-term impact on the common good and living conditions of everyone, especially future generations. This requires constant weighing, questioning and searching for the best solution from an ecological, economic and social point of view.

Sustainibility for the Future

We‘re committed to an environmentally friendly use of resources as part of our  Mission Clean Function. The protection of water – the source of all life – is especially important. The environmental impact of every single business decision we make, of every new product we develop and the corresponding processes is assessed as a consequence of our Mission Clean Function. Our Mission Clean Function and efforts to be as sustainable as possible have already lead to a large number of concrete results and noticeable improvements.

Functional clothing can only be perfect when it protects nature and the environment, and not just people who enjoy the outdoors.