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Slim fits, the slim and snappy cuts for pants, have long been embraced by everyday fashion. Even outdoor enthusiasts are no strangers to this trend. Many appreciate the great functionality provided during their activities, but also love the close-fitting cut of the outdoor pants from Maier Sports. Do you want to benefit from men’s and women’s hiking pants and their stretch fabric without having to compromise on style? Then our slim fit pants are just what you need.

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When are slim fit pants beneficial?

Outdoor pants have to put up with quite a lot. This is why all Maier Sports pants have been specially adapted to the in part difficult conditions you are likely to encounter on hikes or during other activities and have been equipped with sophisticated technologies. But the fit and cut also play a decisive role in perfect legwear. It goes without saying that your pants should fit properly to ensure you are dressed comfortably on longer tours. The bi-elastic fabric allows the slim fit outdoor pants to follow your every move – no rubbing seams, nothing too tight.

A slim cut, complete freedom of movement, functionality and a modern look – all of these features will make you ready for anything at any time.

Their comfortable feel along with the stretch fabric will not disappoint even in tough terrain. A small leap over an obstacle or a quick lunge – easy-peasy with stretch slim fit functional pants. Another advantage: if the pants are close-fitting, then the fabric has less air to allow any rubbing or flapping. A straight leg and a tight leg bottom also contribute to making pants more comfortable on longer hikes.

full freedom of movement

The fabric of slim fit pants

The fabric used for close-fitting pants has to be flexible. Therefore, our slim fit functional pants are made from a stretch fabric consisting of synthetic fibres that provides you with complete freedom of movement. This is where durable polyamides come into play. These miracle fibres have a number of properties that make them perfect for activities in the great outdoors:

  • High rigidity
  • Good workmanship 
  • Resistance

Spandex fibres are responsible for the stretch content. They allow the fabric to follow your every move, even when taking larger steps or leaps. Another important feature of good outdoor pants is obviously moisture transport. This is why all slim fit functional and hiking pants from Maier Sports come with our dryprotec technology. It channels the moisture quickly to the surface of the fabric where it subsequently evaporates. As our dryprotec pants are quick-drying, you will be spared any moisture build-up and the pants remain comfortable and light.

Excellent moisture transport and tear-resistant, stretch fabrics – this is what makes Maier Sports slim fit pants so popular.

The Maier Sports perfect fit guarantee

A good fit is the be-all and end-all for slim fit pants as “only something that fits properly can function properly”. Bearing this principle in mind, the fitting specialist Maier Sports develops hiking and functional pants for men and women in up to 36 different sizes. We do so by focusing on classic clothes sizes, which represent different body shapes more realistically. Ensuring everyone will find the perfect item of clothing for their adventures.

Outdoor pants: PFC-free finish

Bad weather and harsh outdoor conditions means that your clothing has to cope with quite a lot. Thus, a waterproof or water-repellent finish is essential. Maier Sports made a conscious decision to only use PFC-free finishes, and has been doing so since 2014 – not only to provide you with maximum protection, but also to do the environment a favour. Wash-resistant, easy-care, breathable and reliable – the perfect properties for your slim fit pants.