Because we are responsible for giving something back to nature

Mission Clean Function

Over 80 years of Maier Sports. We thought long and hard about the best way of doing justice to this heritage. In the end, we decided to view the anniversary as a starting point. A starting point for the sustainable protection of people and nature. This was the inspiration behind the launch of our Mission Clean Function. We embarked upon this Mission to promote our aim of ensuring the sustainable protection of the environment and nature, and to confidently assume our social and sustainable responsibility. Since 1938, Maier Sports has stood for a perfect balance of innovative function, fashionable design, perpetuation of tradition and a strong sense of responsibility.

we are responsible

"Functionality on its own is not enough. Sustainable production and social responsibility are no longer secondary considerations," said Lothar Baisch, confirming the importance of the Mission Clean Function, in his capacity as Maier Sports' Sales and Marketing Director. We have committed to protecting nature as part of a sustainable approach. In particular, water.

Maier Sports is taking a pioneering stance

The working group created at the end of 2012 has embraced this major project. An ambitious initial objective is the elimination of polyfluorinated and perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) from the textile production process. The first milestone has been reached: in 2014, Maier Sports is launching PFC-free functional clothing. "We are one of the first outdoor clothing manufacturers to have succeeded in including a PFC-free jacket in our 2014 spring/summer collection. The impregnating emulsion is PFC-free and offers lasting weather protection. This will allow us to continue to offer outdoor sports enthusiasts full functionality without harming the environment," stated Simone Mayer, management spokesperson for Maier Sports and responsible for Production and Logistics.

Much better for humans and nature

How expensive a piece of clothing becomes and what it's really worth depends on so many factors. One of the main facts of functional clothing is the use of different materials. One the one hand Maier Sports goes for fabric, membrane and equipment for well-known system providers. But on the oter hand it is about trendsetting innovation, then we prefer specially for ourselves developed solutions.

Responsibly produced clothing is more valuable than it costs.

Our best example for this is our innovative imprignation. Free of poly- and perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), it makes the clothes waterproof. The impregnation reliably protects from rain and wetness, without the User must postimpregnate. Besides the clothes are easily washable, offers a high comfort and is breathable.