Your Pants Specialist

We are a trusted outdoor clothing specialist and offer the perfect pair of outdoor pants for your needs and wants. Whether on a leisurely hike, a sporty trekking excursion or a day on the slopes, functional clothing is an essential requirement for activities in nature; you want clothes that provide comfort, ideal support, and that are long-lasting.

Functional Pants for differnt areas of use

Pants, in particular, should be able to withstand knee bends, jumps and turns without difficulty; not to mention – protect against the weather and provide a perfect fit. We offer 61 different sizes and have applied several different technologies, materials and technical details. You are guaranteed to find your ideal pants for your next outdoor adventure at Maier Sports.

As an outdoor pants specialist, we can meet every demand – whether you occasionally hike, enjoy ambitious trekking tours, have a passion for skiing, or appreciate any other outdoor activities.
To offer the ideal solution for every requirement, we have divided our pants segment into different activities. We have over 80 years of experience in the production of high-quality, reliable, functional clothing, and our passion for outdoor activities can be seen and felt. We are your partner for outdoor and winter sports clothing.

With over 60 different pant sizes and various model variations, anyone can find their perfect trousers. The interaction of functionality, comfort, the optimum fit and sustainable production is both our responsibility and our promise to you.

Hiking pants

A light pair of hiking pants provides great freedom of movement, regulates your body temperature and provides reliable weather protection during moderate or even longer hiking tours. Pants made of elastic stretch material provide maximum freedom of movement and they are cut in such a way that they can easily withstand larger lunges and small climbing sections. The pre-shaped knees give additional support, as they help make walking and running more comfortable and ensure that nothing pinches, slips or scratches.

Trekking pants

Trekking pants are a type of very robust hiking pants which meet very specific technical requirements: For demanding trekking tours and mountain hikes, they offer increased weather protection and – depending on the model – abrasion-resistant inserts and reinforcements in areas that are subject to heavy wear. In addition, our trekking pants have several pockets so that important utensils such as a smartphone, GPS, wallet, pocket knife and a hiking map can be stored safely. We also offer high-performance softshell models for the colder seasons.

Ski pants

Maier Sports is also an absolute specialist when it comes to ski pants. The waterproof membrane, warm padding and modern design make these pants a must-have for all passionate winter sports enthusiasts. Clever details further enhance the models; these include robust edge protection, detachable braces and a reliable snow guard. These ski pants are the perfect basic piece for your winter outfit.

We promise you a perfect fit

At Maier Sports, we know that people come in all shapes and sizes, and we pride ourselves on offering the perfect fit no matter what your body shape. That`s why we offer our pants in 36 different men`s and 25 women`s sizes  - and why we have long, short and XXL sizes, too. And of course, we also offer a variety of different cuts and waistbands.

Large selection

The perfect pair for everyone. We not only offer a wide range of sizes, with a variety of technologies and features for the various clothing segments we produce. As an absolute outdoor pants specialist, we also offer our pants with adjustable waistbands with a variety of solutions and in many different colours. Everyone will be able to find their personal favourite – guaranteed!


As an outdoor pants specialist, Maier Sports offers the perfect combination of quality, fit and innovation, not to mention reliable workmanship. Here, thanks to the latest technologies, comfort and function go hand in hand.
- Dryprotec: Effectively wicks moisture away from the body and ensures Your clothes dry off quickly.
- mTEX 10,000: The special membrane remains waterproof and breathable, even in continuous rain.
- Stormprotec: Offers excellent protection against strong winds and storms.
mTHERM-Isolation: The light, soft padding insulates excellently in snow and cold.

Reliable weather protection, full freedom of movement and maximum comfort are the cornerstones of Maier Sports clothing. In addition, we pay careful attention when it comes to the materials we use.

We strive for environmentally friendly materials that optimally support and protect people and nature.


We have always felt committed to not only our customers but to nature as well. Sustainability is therefore very important to us, and this begins with our employees; fair treatment, good working conditions, and a responsible production process are the cornerstones of our actions.

Since 2011, we have been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation that has made it their mission to improve working conditions in textile production. In doing so, we have committed ourselves to adhere to strict work guidelines at all our production sites in a way that can be monitored at all times. These include safe, healthy working conditions, reasonable working hours, freedom of association and a legally binding employment contract.

As an outdoor pants specialist, we guarantee that you can rely on our outdoor clothing. This is why we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our pants, jackets and tops against defects in workmanship and material. And should a zip fastener break or a seam open, our in-house repair service in Köngen will repair your garment.