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Cross-country skiing

The sun shines warmly on the snow-covered treetops as you make your way down the trail, one metre at a time. It’s moments like these that really make you understand why cross-country skiing is one of the most popular winter sports. Training every muscle in your body while drinking in the amazing view of the beautiful winter landscape – that’s the full-body experience that true outdoor enthusiasts crave. But to fully enjoy your cross-country skiing tour, you need more than just a pair of skis and some ski sticks. You need a proper Maier Sports winter outfit that supports all of your movements while keeping you warm and cosy.

Clothes you can rely on

Snow-covered landscapes might look temptingly tranquil, but cross-country skiing is still a full-body workout. Full-length trails can make you sweat quite a bit, if you’re doing it right. That’s why your cross-country skiing outfit needs to be able to perform well in any of these categories:

  • Maximum freedom of movement
  • Optimal breathability
  • Reliable protection against the cold
  • Protection against overheating
  • Good heat retention even during downtime

Whether you’re going down a steep descent or you’re increasing your speed on a level trail, you should never underestimate how much your body might cool off due to the wind. Even on an otherwise warm day, wind chill can make you feel much colder than anticipated.

That’s why clothes that don’t impede your movements, protect you against the wind and wick away excess moisture from your skin are the perfect choice for a cross-country skiing outfit.

with Maier Sports cross-country Outshell clothes

Keep your cool

For an optimal cross-country skiing outfit, you should layer different types of clothes on top of each other. Your jacket and pants are the outer-most layers of your outfit – also known as the “Outshell”.

Using highly functional elements like our PrimaLoft® padding material in the front and our waterproof PFC-free finish, such clothes effectively protect you against the elements, while breathable fabrics in the back prevents moisture and excess heat from building up inside –you can see this combination of attributes in action with our Telfs Jacket M and W.

Smart features such as strategically placed stretch inserts or tight-fitting elasticated cuffs provide you with the freedom of movement you need when moving both your arms and legs.

Great functionality is very important to us, but our most important promise to you is this: You will find clothes that fit you perfectly!

You can find such smart features in any Maier Sports product designed for cross-country skiing and other winter sports. For example, the Telfs CC Pants M and W feature lightweight PrimaLoft® insulation materials at the front and breathable thermoelastic materials in the back, which help with getting rid of excess heat and moisture. And in addition to that, these comfortable elasticated pants feature a tight fit to offer great freedom of movement.

You’re looking for something even more sporty? Then try some cross-country tights like our Telfs CC Tight M and W. If they’re not warm enough for your liking, you can always wear some women’s Telfs Shorts with PrimaLoft® padding or men’s Telfs Bermudas on top of them.

Sandwiched in-between

The Midlayer

As the name suggests, Midlayers are worn in-between your underwear and your Outshell clothes. Midlayers provide some thermal insulation, but they are also responsible for wicking away moisture from the inside to the outside. A convenient half zip allows you to open your midlayer to let out excess heat when needed, while a chin guard prevents your chin from rubbing against the zip fastener when it’s closed.

Our Surprise M Midlayer fits very tightly, which allows it to follow your every movement perfectly. Its dryprotec material also provides great breathability and makes the Midlayer dry off quickly. Meanwhile, Midlayers with Silverplus® technology, such as our Nago 2.0, hinder the build-up of body odour thanks to the material’s anti-bacterial effect.

with Maier Sports

Enjoy your cross-country trail

Fresh snow on a new dawn, a fully prepared cross-country skiing trail and the freedom of the open countryside ahead of you – cross-country skiing can be an amazing experience. Even better if you’re wearing a fully optimised Maier Sports skiing outfit, with just the right combination of features. With an outfit like that, you’ll never want to leave the trails again.