Code of conduct & whistleblowing

Code of conduct

Maier Sports GmbH is part of the Schwan-STABIO group of companies. Accordingly, we align our actions with the Group's Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct summarises the main basic rules and principles that we should all abide by in our actions and behaviour. This should provide a reliable framework to guide all Schwan-STABILO employees, our customers and our partners.

Our Code of Conduct is divided into these four chapters.

- Behaviour in all corporate activities
- Employee relations and workplaces
- Behaviour in society
- Handling of company secrets, data and information

You can find the complete document here.

We all have to be attentive

Our clear commitment to consistent compliance with laws, rules and internal regulations includes a willingness to prevent and punish misconduct.

This expressly includes being open to receiving tips about white-collar crime, serious administrative offences, breaches of duty under labour law and other gross violations of rules and laws in connection with Schwan-STABILO.

What issues should be reported?

  • Bribery (including attempted bribery) or corruption
  • Anti-competitive behavior
  • Conduct in violation of antitrust law
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement of material
  • Damage to property through embezzlement or fraud
  • Violation of data protection and manipulation of documents
  • Violation of occupational safety or environmental protection regulations
  • Grossly improper social behavior, #MeToo, discrimination, harassment
  • Forced and child labor

Electronic and anonymous: Our whistleblower system

Our electronic whistleblower system gives you the opportunity to report misconduct completely anonymously. This can be useful if you want to protect your identity but still want to report serious misconduct. Whatever the reason, you may want a highly confidential setting for your whistleblowing: We create that option for you with the whistleblower system.