5-year guarantee

Products used for a long time are especially sustainable and effectively conserve our planet´s resources. Thus, we focus on high quality and voluntarily provide every customer with a 5-year guarantee for the material and for processing defects.

You have a warranty case? Please follow these four steps

1. Your product is defective

Your product is defective within the 5-year guarantee without your own fault, and you have a proof of purchase. Please wash / clean your product for hygienic reasons before turning to your retailer.

2. Contact your retailer and have your cleaned product checked

Please get in contact with the retailer you bought the article from. Make sure you have your defective product and your proof of purchase at hand.

The retailer will check if there is a material or processing defect or if it´s a case of normal wear and tear or improper handling.

Please take note that you must process the warranty claim with your Maier Sports retailer because you have concluded the purchase contract with him.


3. The retailer ships your product to Maier Sports

If there´s a defect within the 5-year guarantee despite proper handling, the retailer will ship your product to us and discuss further action with us. You don´t have to do anything more.

4. We professionally repair the product and ship it back to the retailer

We will either completely replace (at our own discretion) or repair the product – both free of charge. Then we´ll ship your product back to the retailer where you can pick it up.

Important information concerning the warranty

The guarantee applies to all Maier Sports products bought by the consumer in Germany after 1 January 2010. The date on the purchase receipt is authoritative. The customer is a consumer unless the product was bought to be resold or to be used in a commercial or professional self-employed activity. Maier Sports guarantees the consumer that the product is free from material or workmanship defects. If a defect occurs within the guarantee period despite correct handling of the product, Maier Sports will repair the product free of charge or completely replace it, at their own discretion.

Claims based on this warranty will not apply if defects were caused by the consumer himself/herself, for example as a result of a fall, accident or improper handling, as well as normal wear and tear, especially during particularly intense use. Similarly, the warranty shall not apply if the defect resulted from improper repair or any other kind of intervention by a third party.

The warranty is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase (warranty period). The date of the purchase receipt of the new product from the specialist dealer is decisive. The warranty period is not extended due to the provision of services under this warranty, in particular not in the event of repair or replacement of the product. In these cases, the warranty period does not start anew.

Please note that all communication and shipping must be carried out via the retailer with whom you have concluded the purchase contract. Unfortunately, it´s not possible to send goods directly to Maier Sports GmbH.

Every product must be cleaned according to the product instructions for hygienic reasons and out of consideration for our employees. Otherwise, we´ll reserve the right to bill you for the washing service.

It usually takes 1-3 weeks. The duration can be longer depending on the warranty case´s origin country and if further questions come up.

We are absolutely certain in keeping our high quality standards because of more than 80 years of experience, comprehensive know-how, and highly qualified employees. We professionally repair products in our own sewing room in Köngen. We fully replace products at our own discretion if repairing them is impossible.

The guarantor for the 5-year guarantee is:
Maier Sports
Nürtinger Str. 27
73257 Köngen

The consumer can assert the rights obtained from this guarantee by presenting the defective product and the original proof of purchase within the warranty period to the retailer from whom the new product was purchased. The retailer will ship the product to Maier Sports after a preliminary examination of the defect.

In the event of a warranty case, Maier Sports will repair the product free of charge or replace it completely at its discretion.

If the preliminary examination deems there is no warranty case, the customer can pay for a repair by Maier Sports. Maier Sports will inform the customer about the cost of the repair with a cost estimate via the retailer from whom the product had been purchased before repairing the article. The customer is free to commission the chargeable repair or ask for having the unrepaired article sent back.

The territorial scope of the manufacturer´s warranty isn´t limited.