Favorite fit guaranteed


We offer pants in various different cuts. Our trekking, hiking and leisure pants are available in regular fit and slim fit. Our ski pants also offer a third option: the comfort fit. The cut you choose influences how you look when you’re on your adventures, so it’s an important element of any outfit.

Outdoor cuts

You’re already used to choose between different cuts when buying a pair of denim pants in a shop. So, you know which of them makes you feel and look great. Maier Sports offers you the same choices when you’re buying a pair of trekking or hiking pants. After all, outdoor pants should fit you every bit as well as your everyday pants.

Regular means slightly loose
Our regular fit is perfect for the traditional outdoor look. These pants are somewhat loose, so they leave some room to the knees, thighs and calves. This makes the fabric lie comfortably on the skin without clearly outlining your shape. It also improves air circulation.

If you’re wearing a pair of hiking or trekking pants in regular fit, anyone will be able to tell that you’re a true outdoor enthusiast. And that’s exactly how you like it.

Slim Fit for a slim outline
Slim fit pants feature slim legs which create an overall slim outline and draw more attention to the contours of your body. But not to worry: All of our slim fit pants are made from highly elasticated fabrics, so they still offer maximum freedom of movement.
Your size stays the same
You also won’t need to worry that you’ll have to take a larger size if you decide on a pair of slim fit pants. Our pants fit your regular size, no matter if they’re slim fit or not. So, you just take your regular size, and our Maier Sports slim fit pants will fit you like normal, guaranteed.

Why go for the slim fit look? It gives you a more sporty and dynamic look – and needless to say slim fit is young and fashionable. Your slim fit pants demonstrate your commitment to an active outdoor lifestyle. However, people won’t necessarily be able to recognise you as an outdoor enthusiast if you don’t want them to. Just wear your pants as part of a casual leisure outfit and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Maier Sport slim fit pants are also 100 % the same as regular fit pants in terms of functionality. So, you get the same amazing features and benefits with any of our pants – the slim fit just offers a more modern look. Feel free to choose whichever cut you prefer.


Ski pants

Maier Sports' sophisticated cut concept for pants has something to suit all skiers' different fashion tastes. The ski pants come in a choice of regular, slim and comfort fit. The silhouettes and measurements differ. We also ensure that every cut in th esame size fits the same person.

Compared to the regular fit, the slim fit pants are slimmer on the waist, knees and hips, the waist is only very slightly lower. The hem width has become considerably narrower. This means a super slim leg during après-ski.

The comfort fit also comes with a slightly lower waist than the regular fit. It is wider on the waist, hips, knees and seam whereas the legs are longer to allow the pants to rest casually on the shoes. The comfort fit pants can also be worn lower on the hips.