Maier Sports

The fit specialist

Maier Sports fits. You and your needs. Every move and your body, too. As a fit specialist, we offer you 61 sizes and several fit and waistband variations. So everyone can find their perfect item of clothing.

We present our range of sizes

 Are you ready to get out there and move? Enjoy nature and the wilderness carefree? Test your boundaries and learn your limits? We say: Yes! With the perfectly fitted hiking, trekking or ski pants, you re not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally free and can concentrate on your surroundings. With the right pair for the right sport, you are sure to have the best fit for your activity.

The Maier Sports fitting system consists of an individual size system and contains standard, short and long sizes for every figure. We have 36 men’s and 25 women’s sizes on offer. With us as your fit specialist, you are sure to find the right fit for your shape and leg length. 

Our standard sizes cover fitted forms for most of everyone. The graduation between sizes has continually been adjusted, and has been found best over the decades.

For adventurer that aren`t so tall, we offer special short sizes in our size system. Here, the pants legs are cut a little shorter with respect to the total proportions. 

Taller nature lovers will find the perfect pants in the long sizes. Here, the leg length is adapted to the body size.

The perfect fit is just the beginning

Slim, regular, or do you prefer wide legs? It’s not only about the size or length, but the fit also plays a significant role whether you find the size that you are wearing comfortable.

As a fit specialist, we offer pants in three different styles:
- Slim
- Regular
- Loose 

We hope to help you find the perfect pair of pants that suit your preferred style and your planned activities.

The right waistband gives security

No matter which pant you decide on, the waistband must sit comfortably in every situation and position. This is what we demand from ourselves as fit specialists. That’s why we don’t have one waistband solution, but a wide variety of solutions. You can choose between them according to your needs:

- Freely adjustable, fixed waistband
- Light, elastic waistband with flex zone
- Soft comfort waistband without any closure
Many of our models are also equipped with practical belt loops. This allows you to further adjust and give the elastic waistband more stability. As a specialist, we provide you with a fit that perfectly adapts to your shape both when sitting and running for miles and miles, and even remains comfortable under a rucksack.


Your pants make every move

Wherever or however you walk, your pants literally go with you – every step of the way. Therefore, the material composition and flexibility are essential components of the fitting. In our range, you will find products that are equipped with 2 and 4-way stretch. This means:

- Complete freedom of movement
- Flexibility in all directions
- High resistance to tearing
- A true second skin feeling
- Great fit even over long underwear

Years of product engineering and continuous improvement make us a fit specialist in this area as well. So your new outfit isn’t only comprised of dry engineering theory but also the practical experience of thousands of kilometres already covered under all conceivable circumstances and conditions.

Fits? Perfect!
Fits perfectly to my shape and style – this motto has top priority for us to be able to call ourselves fit specialists with a clear conscience. Individual sizes and lengths, several fit variations, a variety of waistband solutions and the optimum elastic material composition are our way of telling you: Enjoy whatever you are doing and feel free! This is what we stand for as your fit specialist.