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If you are looking for high-performance sports clothes, you first need to find your perfect size. That’s where Maier Sports products shine: As an expert in creating high-quality outdoor clothing for any body shape, our products come in up to 61 different sizes. We deliberately forgo the model of offering simple sizing from S to XL in favour of the more individualised classic sizing systems which allow for a more optimal fit. Our goal is to be able to provide every outdoor enthusiast with high-quality sports clothing that fits like a second skin.

Size chart for  her and him


For women shorter than 1.68 m and men shorter than 1.74 m, we offer our special short sizes. The legs of these pants are approximately 5 cm shorter than regular-sized pants, while the positions of features such as the specially designed knee area are moved in order to account for the shorter legs. Thus, these pants are perfectly adapted to the shorter stature. To find the correct Maier Sports short size, all you need to do is divide your regular size by 2. For example, women with a regular size of 38 may choose to go for the short size 19 if their body height is under 1.68 m.

For men, short sizes change not only the length of the legs but also the width of the waist area. It would help if you kept this in mind when choosing the perfect short size for you.


Our regular sizes fit the vast majority of people – for women between 1.58 and 1.76 m and men between 174 and 186 cm. We have been continuously adapting this scale to the average height of our customers over many decades, and we can tell you from experience: it really works!

Our regular sizes are equivalent to those of the classic clothing size system, which is much more individualised than the more simple system of categorizing all people into S, M, L or XL. Our regular sizes for women range from 34 to 52, while our regular sizes for men range from 46 to 72. Thus, we can cover a wide variety of sizes in terms of individual leg length and waist width, offering plenty of sizes that will thrill any outdoor enthusiast with individual size requirements.


Taller people – women taller than 1.76 m and men taller than 1.86 m – will fit perfectly into our long size category. Much like our short sizes, long sizes take into account the relationship between a person’s height and the length of their legs. Specifically, long sizes feature legs that are 5 cm longer than they would be in a regular size.

Although our regular sizes often fit very slim people quite well at the waist, the legs are typically too short for very tall people. Thus, we have increased the length of the legs to provide them with a perfect fit. This means that women looking for a specific long size can simply double their regular size to find their respective long size. For example, a long size 76 has the same waist size as a standard size 38, but the legs are longer to account for body height. Men also double their regular size, but they then need to subtract 2 from the result to arrive at their long size.

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Our size guide will help you find the right size for you.

Size chart for her and him

Size chart for women

Size chart for men

Shortening pants is a bad idea

For many people – especially people that don’t fit into the simple categories of S, M, L and XL – it has become normal to buy pants one size larger and then cut off a few centimetres in length if they’re too long. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea: For one, the end of hiking pant legs typically feature zip fasteners, drawstrings or special materials to protect against abrasion. If the pants were shortened, then it would likely make these features unusable.

Another reason to not shorten your hiking pants is the fact that this will change the carefully designed layout of their legs: The distance from the waist to the knees and from the knee area to the leg end changes, which might make the pants look like they don’t fit you very well. Or worse: If you cut a pair of pants with pre-formed knee areas down to size, the position of these elements effectively shifts upward along the leg. This means that your knees no longer match up to the knee area, decreasing the freedom of movement which the pre-formed knee area was supposed to provide.

Our advice: Instead of shortening your pants, choose the short length version: A perfect fit and perfect functionality, straight out of the box, no tailoring required!

Our wide range of sizes ensures that your Maier Sports pants will not only provide you with maximum weather protection and breathability but also with a comfortable fit that’s perfect for you.