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size system

If it should work, it has to be suitable first. This is the basic requirement which each new product of Maier Sports has to fulfil. Therefor we offer our pants in up to 32 different men's and 25 women's sizes. They come in normal, long and short sizes and also in different cuts. So everyone can find their perfect item of clothing.

diversity of sizes

  • Short sizes

    For your customers that aren't so tall, we offer special short sizes in our size system. Here, the pants legs are cut a little shorter with respect to the total proportions.

    At short sizes, which is called stocky sizes as well, it works the other way around. According to the
    waist size, the leg length is shorter at stocky sizes. The value of sizes should be divided by 2. A stocky woman with waist size 38 should take to short size 19. It works on the same principle in case of men. A stocky man with 52 is with short size 26 properly

  • Normal Sizes

    Our standard sizes cover fitted forms for most of your customers. The graduation between sizes has continually been adjusted, and has been found best over the decades. 

    It starts with our classic sizes, which are significant more specific than the normal sizes Small,
    Medium, Large, Extra Large. Our normal sizes extend at men from 46 to 68 and 34 to 52 at women.
    With that, Maier Sports reaches a huge amount of customer with very various leg lengths and waist

  • Long sizes

    You can serve you taller customers perfectly with our long sizes. Here, the leg length is adapted to the body size.

    Next to them, there are people who are slim. Frequently they find the fitting waist size, but then the leg length is to short -in vernacular it is known as trousers at half-mast. Therefore, slender customers need in comparison to the waist size, longer trouser legs. Exactly for that we offer long sizes for men and women. Maier Sports women sizes reach from 72 to 88. For example, a pants with size 76 have a waist size of 38, but with a longer leg length. The long sizes of men are twice times less two than the normal sizes.

An overview of all dimensions

Die Maier Sports size system

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The bad alternative to short sizes is to cut the trouser leg. That has even several disadvantages:

A huge effort, if it is even possible, is caused by cutting the leg if the material of the leg comprised a zipper, a cord, a snow guard or similar things and materials. Through the cutting, the proportion would be not fitting longer. The relation of the leg length between the waistband till the knee and the knee to the cut is changed. According to the cut this can look quite inappropriate. And with trousers with preformed knee for the improvement of the freedom of movement the desired function gets lost, because the position of the sportsman's knee with the positioning of the knee darts in the trouser leg do not agree.