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Maier Sports skiing clothes

A warming pair of pants, a waterproof jacket and a breathable midlayer – high-quality skiing clothes allow you to enjoy your time on the slopes to the fullest. Jackets, pants and midlayers with a perfect fit and innovative materials optimise your skiing performance. Take a look at our range of skiing clothes for men and women and find the perfect high-performance Maier Sports skiing outfit that fits your style.

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Our range of skiing clothes

for men and women

Whether you’re interested in our Alpine product line with its no-nonsense sporty look, our Alpine Pure high-performance clothes or our Spirit line which combines great functional benefits with a trendy style, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Maier Sports’ three main skiing products lines. Find your perfect midlayers, jackets and pants and combine them to your perfect winter outfit for thrilling outdoor adventures.



You’re a ski enthusiast through and through, always ready to live life in the fast lane? Then our Alpine product line is perfect for you. Get your gear ready and show everyone else on the slopes that you’re here for some serious skiing. Whether you prefer tasteful unicoloured outfits or you like to show off with amazing colour-blocking designs, Maier Sports has you covered: You’ll find everything you need here, with the perfect fit and innovative materials in your favourite colours.

When you’re on the slopes, do you prefer to carve, glide or cruise? With our Alpine product line, you can combine your favourite pieces to the perfect outfit for your personal requirements.

Alpine Pure

Alpine Pure is our skiing clothes product line for passionate skiers who love exploring off the beaten path. With its bold monochrome design concept, the jackets and pants in our Alpine Pure product line make it clear that you don’t need your clothes to show off on the slopes. Naturally, we focus on the practical side of things as well, using high-quality materials and innovative performance elements to give you the support you need to reach your peak.

A minimalist design, combined with maximum performance – get the best of both worlds, with the Maier Sports Alpine Pure product line.


Our Spirit product line combines high-performance elements with current lifestyle trends, showing everyone else on the slopes that you mean business. High-contrast elements on the zip fasteners and a subtle use of colour, men’s and women’s clothes from the Spirit product line feature asymmetric design elements, deliberately used as a part of your very own style.

Our designers have created the Spirit product line to cater to the tastes of men and women alike, with discreet highlights in neon colours. These clothes will give you the confidence you need on the slopes.

peak performance with a perfect fit

Ski pants

Combining great style, a perfect size and fit as well as the ideal performance elements specifically for skiing, our ski pants are the perfect choice for true skiing enthusiasts.

The perfect fit

At Maier Sports, we make sure your pants will fit you like a second skin. As a known specialist for well-fitting clothes, we offer our pants in 61 different sizes, with additional options for length. You will definitely find a perfectly fitting pair of pants here. Enjoy:

  • sophisticated cuts
  • innovative waistband solutions
  • pants for varying waist levels

You can also choose between regular fit, slim fit and loose fit pants, ensuring people of any body shape and size can find a pair that fits them perfectly. Since we also differentiate between short sizes, normal sizes and long sizes, we further individualise your pants according to how long your legs are. Combined with different sizes and fits, your Maier Sports ski pants will fit you better than you thought possible.

Choosing the perfect fit for you also means choosing a waistband size. Choose between the traditional style and an extra-high waistband to make your personal pants extra comfy.

High-quality materials and innovative performance elements

Flying down the slopes, taking an unexpected fall or enjoying a break from the action afterwards – a lot can happen when you’re out skiing. That’s why you need warm and highly functional winter clothes like our Maier Sports ski pants. Made from high-quality fabrics and advanced materials to increase performance, you can rely on your pants when you’re out on the slopes. Depending on which product you choose, our pants will provide you with:

  • PrimaLoft® Silver ECO
  • mTHERM insulation
  • mTHERM light
  • stormprotec
  • mTEX weather protection
  • a PFC-free finish

Insulation is key to a pair of ski pants fit for purpose. Maier Sports offers a variety of products with different types of insulation, allowing you to choose whichever one is best for what you have planned.

Great freedom of movement, reliable weather protection

Our elasticated fabrics ensure that your ski pants provide maximum freedom of movement. Whether you’re freeriding or skiing on the slopes, your pants will not obstruct your movements. And thanks to stormprotec, they also protect you against cold winds and stormy weather.

Meanwhile, our exclusive mTEX weather protection technology makes sure your ski pants stay waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time. Depending on which pair of pants you choose, you can get mTEX 10.000 or mTEX 20.000 variants for even better water-resistance.

All of our ski pants feature an environmentally friendly, 100% PFC-free finish which protects you against rain and snow.

provide warmth when you’re on the slopes