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Ski pants, ski jacket, midlayers. Perfectly coordinated outfits for any purpose. Developed by experts who know what’s important so you can enjoy your type of skiing to the full. Top functions and a perfect fit. Only something that fits perfectly can function perfectly.

The choice is yours. We have three different ski clothing lines:

Alpine Pure is the name of the very sporty, high-tech ski clothing line from Maier Sports. The names of the styles have been inspired by the legendary Dammkar freeride ski-run.

The clear, sporty look of the Alpine line perfectly suits your requirements as an enthusiastic skier who likes to enjoy the unique winter landscape with all your senses when out on the slopes.

Spirit is just as stylish as the name suggests. Our designers here have the creative freedom to embrace trends from fashion, lifestyle and sports and to let influences from other worlds flow into one ski line.



Ski pants

Cutting edge. Our ski pants in the new Ski collection feature an innovative cut concept. The topic of fit takes on a whole new dimension. In addition to the correct size and fit, different silhouettes with elements that create types and styles affect the choice of your Maier Sports ski pants.

We have always shown that “Maier Sports fits”: so far with 61 pants sizes, with pants in different lengths – normal, long, short – and with stretch fabrics, sophisticated cuts and ingenious waist adjusters. The consistent cut concept (Regular Fit, Slim Fit and Loose Fit) opens up new dimensions for you that go way beyond just the fit. By providing ski pants with these different cuts and distinct silhouettes, you can present yourself as the kind of skier you want to be. Many factors will influence your choice: different waistlines, trousers that can be worn in the traditional way or on the hips, legs, knees and hips that have wide or not so wide cuts, different leg lengths and more details.



A ski line that stands out. That strives to be different. Designed for ski fans with a well-developed sense of confidence and the courage to show it.


The women’s Spirit range is completely ladylike. The subtle glamour aspect in pink/gold is used in the zips, logo and other details. The second exciting Spirit topic is jeans. Our designers applied an all-over or partial jeans print on the fabric for the jackets and pants. The seams and buttons were also inspired by jeans fashion. 


Masculine cuts and a subtle sporty design dominate the men’s Spirit styles. If you really want to impress, then you can take it to the next level with our Neo pants. Completely in Neo Orange, these cool ski pants are most certainly eye-catching. Pants in more subtle colours have Neo Orange detailing.


Alpine pure

Minimalist design meets maximum performance. A ski outfit for aficionados. Technically sophisticated. For the toughest demands on function and sleek designs.

A stripped-down range with a ski jacket and a pair of ski pants as well as another insulating jacket, which you can also wear as a fully fledged outer jacket when the weather’s good. Named after the legendary Dammkar ski-run, the three women’s and men’s styles in the line have an impressive sleek, monochrome look and sophisticated blend of structures.

It allows you to put together either a minimalist, plain look or a striking combination. Top functionality is always included. This consists of materials such as the highly breathable mTEX 20.000 membrane, PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume® and Silver Insulation Eco. Obviously with our environmentally friendly PFC-free finish.



Clear colours, sporty look, fully functional. Our line with winning combinations for ski enthusiasts and confident Alpine ski fans who enjoy carving, gliding and cruising.

The wide range of clothing allows you to put together your very own look: from a sleek monochrome outfit to sporty colour blocking. 

The extended range of coloured ski pants increases your options with a comprehensive mix & match concept. For instance, jackets in muted, everyday shades can also be jazzed up to create sporty and dynamic outfits on the piste.

Regardless of your fashion taste, the Alpine outfit you put together will always be fully functional. Along with the many tried and tested ski-specific details, they guarantee that you will be perfectly equipped for any outdoor experience in a ski region.


Ski pants for kids

Kids also need a sensible outfit to ensure nothing gets in their way of enjoying the ski slopes to the full. We have the perfect ski pants for youngsters.

Our popular Maxi ski pants with the mGROW concept are a good choice for the ski freaks of tomorrow as these pants grow with the child. Completely weatherproof thanks to mTEX 10.000 and nice and warm with our reliable mTHERM insulation.
Even very slim or big boys and girls will be able to find their perfect ski pants with our Reg, Slim and Big versions, ensuring the fun factor on one or two skis remains high – even when the sun doesn’t shine. Incidentally, the pants are also perfect for tobogganing, building snowmen or playing around when it’s cold and snowy outside. And fashion-conscious girls will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot with our Mariele pants. These PFC-free softshell ski pants have a slim fit with a nice stretch fabric while stormprotec makes them windproof and water-repellent.



The choice of midlayer plays a central role. Ski top, ski turtleneck, microfleece or polar fleece? That is the question. Sporty and close-fitting or preferably casual? Plain or printed? Sleek or playful? The choice is yours. This layer between your ski underwear and ski jacket is key for your outfit’s moisture and temperature control. And it also plays a main role when it comes to fashion. As it determines your look in the huts and during après-ski.

So let’s first take a look at the purely functional aspect. Your midlayer should suit your activity level or temperature sensitivity. A slightly thinner, breathable midlayer such as a ski turtleneck or ski top is recommended for demanding activities on and off piste. Good insulation is more important for relaxed cruising. The best option here would be a cosy fleece or microfleece midlayer. 

Our wide midlayer range won’t make it easy for you to find your favourite piece. Your advantage: our styles can be combined in many different ways, they embrace current trends and have all the functions you need. It's up to you now!