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Trekking clothing is made from particularly advanced fabrics and is designed to be highly functional. If you’re planning a tour lasting several days, including overnight stays under a starry night sky, then our high-performance products will help you stay warm and dry while saving weight in your backpack.


Maier Sports

Trekking Pants


Our trekking pants, shorts, and skirts benefit from robust fabrics as well as great designs. All of them are comfortable to wear, repel water and feature a PFC-free finish. You will be able to hike through dew-covered meadows, and won’t have to worry about whether you’re sitting on stones or other rough surfaces when having a break. For these occasions, many of our outdoor clothes, such as our TEPHRIT pants, are specially reinforced at the knees and seat.

In addition, the specially designed light and elastic waistband which can be found in various Maier Sports pants ensures an exceptionally comfortable fit. This feature allows your pants to adapt and stretch as necessary, providing you with perfect freedom of movement. As a proven specialist in terms of clothing fits and sizes, we are sure to have the perfect pants for you.



This line also includes high-performance, sophisticated trekking pants that impress with their robustness and exceptional functionality.

Thanks to the water-repellent PFC-free impregnation, Maier Sports pant legs remain reliably protected, even in the dampest weather. Pants made of 4-way stretch fabric will provide maximum freedom of movement when jumping from stone to stone. We combine the outdoors´call for functionality with comfort and good looks – thanks to our many appealing designs that are available in several colours.

Maier Sports

TREKKING Outerwear


The longer your trekking tours, the higher the probability of encountering sudden changes in weather conditions. You might be experiencing bright sunshine one moment, only for the weather to change into gusts of wind or even rain. In such situations, wearing clothes in multiple layers is your best choice for staying warm and dry. Take a look at our product line to find various trekking jackets, vests and tops that will keep you comfortable and are easily combined.

For example, the 2.5-layered TIND jacket will keep you dry in almost any weather, thanks to its mTEX 10,000 membrane. Additionally, the material features a particularly small pack size and is super lightweight, which makes carrying your jacket a non-issue. The 3-layered variant provides even better weather resistance due to its improved mTEX 20,000 membrane, combining the same low weight and soft touch with maximised durability.

Breathable, warming and quick-drying hybrid jackets or vests with windproof quilting inserts make for an optimal mid-layer. They will keep your body temperature steady, making sure you feel comfortably warm, even in cooler temperatures. Innovative blouses and shirts round out your outdoor outfit perfectly. Thanks to our innovative SILVERPLUS technology, unpleasant odours caused by bacteria are effectively prevented. You’ll feel fresh for a longer period of time, even when sweating heavily.



Walking along unknown paths under the bright blue sky during the day and camping under the starry skies at night – trekking excursions can be quite romantic, and the bond between man and nature grows stronger with each day. To guarantee that a change in weather does not put an early end to this liaison, a reliable jacket should be a constant companion. It can also be combined with various mid- and base layers. The Maier Sports outdoor range includes jackets, vests, shirts and breathable shirts.

Especially in spring, outdoor enthusiasts are often surprised by rapidly changing temperatures and weather conditions. For excursions and tours during this time, a layered look is not only helpful but also ensures the best possible protection and comfort.