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Designed for discerning nature lovers who enjoy challenging themselves and venturing off the beaten and hard-surfaced tracks. You will find the right products for a wide range of purposes to cope with fall and winter conditions on hiking and trekking tours, snowshoe hikes or a day of skiing. During the development, we had people in mind who want to enjoy nature, have fun and experience their own personal adventure on more demanding tours, whenever and wherever they like.

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Perfectly fitting pants for perfect trekking excursions

Whether you’ve got your mind set on a tour through heavy rain, over steep mountains or in freezing temperatures, your trekking pants need to be able to withstand a lot of punishment. And with over 80 years of experience producing outdoor apparel, we’ve got you covered: Our pants use highly comfortable materials, combined with advanced performance elements to provide maximum support on the trail. Maier Sports trekking pants are:

  • Windproof and water-repellent
  • Elasticated and breathable
  • Robust and durable
  • Comfortable thanks to a perfect fit
  • Environmentally friendly due to their PFC-free finish

It’s this smart combination of highly functional design and a perfect fit which makes our trekking pants the ideal choice for any weather condition. Hiking through wet grass and breaking a sweat during steep climbs has never been easier on your trekking clothes. Some of our pants, such as the Tephrit Plus M, even feature reinforcement elements on the back, knees and seat area. That way, when you’re sitting down on a rocky outcrop to take a break, you can be sure the fabric will not let you down.

We also know that it can get quite cold on long trails. In fact, even sunny days can turn into freezing evenings out in the wilderness. Thus, trekking pants such as the Tech Pants W with its cosy fleece interior and softshell exterior or the Naturno with its warming double weave are designed to reliably keep you warm. That way, you can concentrate fully on the adventures ahead.

Keep your legs comfortably dry thanks to the environmentally friendly PFC-free finish of our trekking pants. Stay perfectly protected against snow and rain, even on longer tours.

Thanks to the highly elasticated materials with 2-way or 4-way stretch design, our pants also provide you with maximum freedom of movement for leaping across streams and chasms.

The right trekking clothes for your upper body

On an average trekking tour, there are a great number of things that might impact how well your clothes perform. If you’re on an arduous journey through rough terrain, you’ll want them to be highly breathable to deal with the heat and sweat. On the other hand, you’ll want to be protected from sudden rainstorms and changes in temperature as well.

Layering your clothes is the best method to be prepared for any weather condition. To enable you to effectively combine whichever layers you might need on your next trek, we offer everything from breathable toplayer and midlayer choices to waterproof winter jackets.

Top and Midlayers

You can start your layered trekking outfit with a baselayer or a breathable shirt. On top of that, you add a warming, quick-drying midlayer or a fleece jacket to keep you comfortably warm in colder temperatures.

Some of our jackets and midlayers, such as the Nago 2.0, use innovative Silverplus® technology, which reduce body odour and make you feel pleasantly fresh after strenuous trekking tours.

Naturally, the clothes you wear on your upper body also benefit from using elasticated materials, as they need to offer great freedom of movement as well. Trekking is a full-body experience, after all. Thus, many of our midlayers and jackets are highly elasticated, providing perfect support on the trail.

Trekking and outdoor jackets

High-performance trekking jackets are perfect for keeping you protected from bad weather. Our proven mTEX membrane offers maximum weather protection while keeping our jackets highly breathable and elastic.

Choose the jacket which offers you the best protection against water, from materials which can withstand the pressure of 10,000 mm of water to ones which can withstand 20,000 mm of water. The right jacket will make you perfectly prepared for the road ahead, featuring a number of additional high-performance design decisions and materials such as:

  • mTHERM padding
  • PrimaLoft® insulation

When the temperature drops while you’re out on the trail, you should not miss a cuddly warm jacket as part of your outfit. Our exclusive mTHERM padding perfectly insulates you against the cold, keeping you snug and warm. Thanks to the padding’s low weight, jackets using this insulation method also won’t encumber you as much during trekking tours spanning multiple days. And for treks in warmer weather, you have the option of wearing a jacket with mTHERM light padding instead. Such jackets, like the Sydalen, offer a perfect ratio of heat insulation and weight.

Meanwhile, jackets with PrimaLoft® insulation are perfect all-rounders. This environmentally friendly microfibre material made from recycled PET bottles has great insulation capabilities.

Ready for any weather, thanks to Maier Sports trekking clothes

When you’re exploring the great outdoors, you need to be able to rely fully on your equipment. That’s why Maier Sports trekking clothes meet the highest standards of outdoor enthusiasts. From perfectly fitting waterproof trekking pants to highly practical insulated outdoor jackets, you’ll definitely find your perfect outdoor outfit at Maier Sports.