We want to move people.

That's our mission. And that is what we are committed to - with full conviction. We see ourselves as THE outdoor pants specialist and are committed to making the world's most renowned high-performance pants for all of your outdoor adventures. This naturally also applies to our jackets, mid-layers, and base layers.

Furthermore, we strive to keep in close touch with our customers, to provide the best service possible for all our products. This includes creating the perfect fit with our 61 pant sizes and attention to detail. All fabrics, seams, accessories, and designs are carefully selected, thought through, and cleverly combined. This is something you'll definitely notice when wearing our clothes. We are committed to offering you the best service. And when we say we'll do something, we do it! You can rely on that.

Sustainability is part of our DNA. This starts with long-lasting and high-quality products. We support this belief with a 5-year guarantee on materials and workmanship. In the event of a complaint, we don't throw anything away but try to repair the damage in our in-house sewing workshop.

When it comes to environmentally friendly PFC-free impregnation, we are pioneers and vigorously encourage resource conservation and recycling.

Sustainability is also seen in our commitment to our location in Köngen, where we have been at home since 1938 and employ approximately 90 people. The people who work for us in Turkey, China, and other parts of the world are treated and paid fairly. We are also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit organisation, and we are constantly working to improve our performance in this area. This is all documented transparently in our annual CSR report.



  • 1938: Acquisition of the Flaig tailor's shop in Köngen by the then 23-year-old master tailor Imanuel Maier. Foundation of the company.

    1947: Relocation to a larger premises. The product range was extended to include so-called ski over pants.

    1954: Construction of the first company building at the current location.

    1955: Production expanded to include anoraks, men's pants, and children's clothing. Opening of the first sewing shop with 50 employees in Perlesreut/Bayrischer Wald.

    1959: Construction of a new office building begins.

    1963: Construction of the factory building in Köngen.

  • 1970: Gerhard Maier assumes management of the company. Production focus: sportswear.

    1980: Construction of a production facility in Porto. Production in 5 further contract factories.

    2000: Creation of the first joint venture company in China.

    2004: Acquisition of the trademark rights of GONSO.

    2006: Creation of the second joint venture company in China.

    2008: Relaunch of the Maier Sports logo and introduction of the new corporate emblem to mark the company's 70th anniversary.

  • 2009: Insolvency and separation from the brands US 40 and at.one; the focus is placed on Maier Sports and GONSO.

    2010: Selected "Aufsteiger des Jahres" (Rising Star of the Year) by the trade journal outdoor.markt.

    2011: Maier Sports joins the Fair Wear Foundation with all its brands.

    2012: Former partner Gerhard Maier leaves management and hands over leadership to Simone Mayer, Lothar Baisch, and Tanja Kohler.

  • 2013: 75th anniversary of the company and introduction of the PFC-free production strategy. Implementation of the voluntary commitment "Mission Clean Function".

    2014: Delivery of the first PFC-free impregnated products.

    2014: 25th anniversary of our Turkish subsidiary.

    2015: Relaunch of the Maier Sport logo and integration of Maier Sports and GONSO into SchwanSTABILO Outdoor GmbH.

    2016: Maier Sports wins the German Brand Award 2016.

    2017: GONSO moves its headquarters from Albstadt to Köngen to Maier Sports. Core competencies and synergies are bundled.

    2018: As of autumn/winter 18/19, the Maier Sports collection is completely PFC-free.

  • 2018: Relocation of the logistics of Maier Sports and GONSO to the BLG logistics centre in Hörsel. Maier Sports is nominated "Marke des Jahres" (Brand of the Year) and Simone Mayer as “Persönlichkeit des Jahres” (Personality of the Year) by the trade journal outdoor.markt.

    2019: Maier Sports wins "Marke des Jahres” (Brand of the Year 2019) Trophy 2019 awarded by outdoor.markt. 30th anniversary of the Turkish subsidiary. Introduction of the Paperless Project - paperless office. Launch of trust-based working hours and presentation of the corporate mission statement drawn up by Maier Sports employees themselves.

    2020: The challenges of the Corona crisis are met - employees are working from their home offices, consumers discover the great outdoors on their doorsteps, and they are discovering Germany as a holiday destination. We commit to the necessity of a supply chain law.

    2021: Implement only FSC-certified and recycled packaging and hangtags. Brand relaunch and repositioning are presented to the industry.

Our values

  • Pants expertise

    We specialise in producing pants for outdoor activities and skiing. At Maier Sports, you’ll always find the right pants for your needs. With outstanding fit and quality, our comfortable pants adapt to you so you can focus on enjoying the outdoors.

  • Master craftsmanship

    Maier Sports’ attention to detail is legendary: every element of our products – from the fabric, to the stitching, to the accessories, to the design – is chosen carefully and deliberately before being put together with an exceptional eye for detail. When you wear our pants, you can feel the difference.

  • Customer focus

    We strive to be an authentic, reliable and trustworthy partner. Like you, we love the outdoors. We love to inspire you and ensure you have a great time outdoors. We design products to meet your specific needs. We’re always there if you need advice or support. And if you’ve got any feedback on one of our products, we’re all ears.

  • Hands-on

    We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. We always go the extra mile to create the best out­door pants for you. We won’t compromise when it comes to quality or sustainability. We are doers. We roll up our sleeves. We always give 100%.

  • We keep our word

    When we say something, we mean it. So, if we make promises regarding the sale or quality of our products, or our repair service, you can be sure that we will keep them. 100%. If you need us, we will do our utmost to be there for you. And to prove it, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.