Rain pants

Even spontaneous rain cannot surprise you in technical Maier Sports rain pants, which keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. We have an ideally fitting model for any activity and individual wishes.


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Rain pants for women

You will find the perfect companion for every weather in the Maier Sports product range. For example, action-loving women can choose the waterproof model Raindrop L which can double as a pair of overtrousers. Alternatively, the rain pants Diabas W are available, which are perfect for trekking tours due to their high breathability. Another highlight is the rain pants Dunit W: They keep your legs warm on chilly days with their mTHERM insulation. Snow lovers and winter bunnies should resort to Liland P3 Pants W. Proficient weather protection together with all the specific features make them an ideal ideal companion on and off the slopes.

Rain pants for men

Men also have an ideal range of rain pants for suitable for any situation. Our waterproof rain pants Raindrop M are perfect for hiking and walks in bad weather. Carry them in your backpack and wear them over your normal pants when necessary. Nature-loving adventurers now have a reliable companion on arduous tours with Diabas M, which is waterproof and breathable due to mTEX 20.000. Our Dunit M delights with its additional mTHERM insulation and keeps you warm in chilly weather. Our 3-layer rain pants Liland P3 Pants M are our pillar for peak performance. They are equipped with ideal weather protection and all the features you need, including snow guard, edge protection and more.

Wearing rain pants - the principle behind it

We have two variations of rain pants. They can be worn as regular trousers or as overtrousers. The overtrouser rain pants are useful when you´re on a hike, a weekend tour, or doing your daily routine and quickly need protection from the rain. You can wear them over your regular pants. The benefits of overtrousers are:

. waterproof and breathable due to mTEX membrane
. lightweight
- small pack size 

But if functionality and special heat insulation are necessary because you are going to experience arduous hiking, trekking, or skiing tours, you should wear pants that have a membrane and thermal insulation. At Maier Sports, we equip pants like these with our innovative mTEX membrane and – depending on the model – with our comfortable mTHERM insulation to support you in the most extreme conditions.


More useful features and functions of rain pants

Good rain pants don´t just protect you when it gets wet outside. They offer high functionality in all areas. For example:

- high abrasion resistance
- high durability
- ventilation facilities
- shoe hooks on the hem
- several handy pockets
- environmentally-friendly finish 
Usually, rain pants are made of the same materials as rain jackets. Highly functional synthetic fibres with stellar breathability, windproof and waterproof qualities, the best materials are used. At Maier Sports, we use our self-developed high-tech membranes mTEX 10.000 and mTEX 20.000.


Water resistance and numbers: this is the connection

The number in mTEX 10.000 and mTEX 20.000 describes the water column in millimetres. It states how high a pressure the rain pants´ material is able to resist before water can penetrate it. In a way, the number marks the material´s breaking point. This is how the water column is measured: A measuring cylinder gets filled with water until the water pushes through the material. This means The higher the water column, the better waterproof the rain pants are. A water column with 10.000 milimetres is highly sufficient for your daily routine, hikes and city trips. If you plan arduous hikes with heavy luggage, we advise on a water column with 20.000 millimetres.

The ideal fit: how should rain pants fit?

Everyone is different, as are the requirements for perfectly fitting rain pants, and they should neither fit too close on the legs nor flap around loosely. At Maier Sports, we are fitting specialists and know exactly what matters for perfect wearing comfort and high functionality. We specialise in developing various fits to provide everyone with the perfect companion.
Our women´s and men´s outdoor and rain pants are available in various sizes and size classes to provide a fitting model for every situation. Whether you´re hiking, trekking, or doing relaxed urban travelling, our product range is about the feel-good factor to make active moments more memorable.

How to keep your rain pants´ functionality in top form

You should regularly care for your protective pants to continuously wear them in rainy, windy, and snowy weather. Regular care keeps the functional fibres intact and waterproof. Read the care instructions on the tag, this is the most important tip.

Keep a couple of basic things in mind when washing your rain pants. Always clean off dirt and sweat as their residue can damage the material over time. Also, never use common washing powder or fabric softener. They can clog the material´s delicate pores or damage the functional membrane.

It is better to use a sponge and manually clean off the crude dirt. After that, you can clean the rain pants with a special detergent for functional clothes in your washing machine. Remember to turn your pants inside out and close all zippers before putting them into the washing machine. Lastly, you can reactivate the impregnation in your dryer at a low temperature. Have you already washed your pants a couple of times? Consider treating them with an appropriate impregnation agent, a spray for example.


Find perfectly fitting rain pants from maier sports

Highly functional materials, innovative technology, inspiring designs – Maier Sports rain pants look fabulous and provide you with world-class weather protection. We have the perfect garments for men and women, perfect for every situation and specific individual requirements. We offer various men´s and women´s models as well as different size classes. Whether it be waterproof rain pants that need to be put on quickly in a sudden downpour or thermo-insulated, breathable rain pants for extensive snow hikes: Find your perfect fit at Maier Sports.