Discover your playground

Want to enjoy the pristine white scenery? Or more into the performance side of things?
Whatever you're into, you can experience winter your way!

In winter, snow and frost transform the landscape and give familiar routes a complete makeover. So, Maier Sports encourages you to DISCOVER YOUR PLAYGROUND! Discover what gets your pulse racing in the cold season, create your signature MOVE in the snow and do winter your way!

Maier Sports' new TOURING line is designed to awaken your lust for adventure. Go leave tracks in deep powder on snowshoe hikes, traverse wintry terrain on touring skis or clip spikes onto your snow boots and climb snowy peaks.

Time for fresh perspectives this winter! The TOURING line was designed for getting off the beaten track and seeking new adventures – from spontaneous snowy hikes to extended ski tours. Looking for exceptional weather protection or garments that offer breathability? The TOURING line includes high-performance jackets and pants for a range of different activities, but with one thing in common: they were all specifically designed for touring on snowy mountain terrain. So, whether you’re doing challenging climbs on slopes without a lift, or encountering sudden weather shifts on a spontaneous hike in fresh snow, you’ll have the perfect gear for the task at hand.