Women Ski jackets

A good women’s ski jacket shouldn’t just be functional – it should be comfortable and fashionable as well. That’s why our ski jackets are highly reliable when it comes to protecting you against the cold and snow. Enjoy maximum wearability thanks to their perfect fit and amazing designs.


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with a sense of snow

Some people simply love spending a cold winter afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate in a warm and cosy living room. Others prefer to swoosh down slopes of powdery snow. Women’s ski jackets from Maier Sports make it easier for active women to enjoy winter sports to the full while keeping them warm, dry and comfortable. Thanks to their perfect fit, the winter jackets fit like a second skin and provide exactly the kind of comfort you would hope for when skiing. And thanks to their modern designs, ladies wearing their Maier Sports ski jacket will also look the part during après-ski activities.

Practical yet stylish

No ski outfit is complete without a warm winter jacket – be it in combination with a midlayer and insulating ski pants for the piste or simply pulled over your jumper and thick winter pants when you have to leave your hotel room in the evenings to take the dog for walkies. And best of all: the phrase “thick winter clothes” is misguided nowadays as the modern insulating fabrics used in Maier Sports’ ski clothing provide maximum comfort without laying it on thick. This will give you a more elegant look, whether skiing down the slopes or enjoying some mulled wine afterwards.

You can rest assured that you are always in good hands with our women's ski jackets. This is why our designs focus on the key features of a functional jacket:


• It keeps you warm even in a heavy snowstorm. 

• It stays breathable, even when the skiing gets tough. 

• It is waterproof enough to allow yourself to fall into the snow now and then. 

• It provides practically unlimited freedom of movement.   


The Maier Sports winter jackets combine all these features to give you the best possible protection from the elements when you're skiing or simply in the great outdoors and thus to make skiing as pleasant as possible for you. As being active outdoors doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort.

The ski jacket has to fit you - not the other way round

It’s especially important to get the fit right with sports and ski clothing as it’s difficult to close a tight winter jacket. And if the jacket’s too wide, it hinders your freedom of movement and lets snow get under the waterproof outer layer.

Don’t forget that you’ll be wearing a midlayer or some other garment under your winter jacket, so choose the size accordingly.

But not everybody fits into the standard size categories. To accommodate these differences, we offer women’s ski jackets in a wide range of sizes. As a fitting specialist, we have way more choices than just S, M, L and XL.


Staying dry even on the piste

Not even the best skiers will be able to avoid getting snow in their face – and even if it’s just during a spontaneous snowball fight. This is why we use high-quality PES outer material for our women’s ski jackets as its PFC-free finish also makes it water-repellent.

To keep the ski clothing as breathable as possible even during strenuous activities, we use the reliable mTEX membrane that transports the evaporated moisture from the skin to the surface while keeping external moisture at bay. Two membranes come into question for ski jackets:

  • mTEX 10.000
  • mTEX 20.000 


The number always refers to the water column. Meaning: tests have shown that you need to exert a pressure of 10,000 or 20,000 mm of water to let one single drop from the outside penetrate through the material. What that means for you: mTEX 10.000 is perfect for skiing and with mTEX 20.000 you could even jump into the snow head first, if you really wanted to.

Warm and cosy thanks to high-quality insulation

Maier Sports uses high-quality insulating fabric, which keeps the ski jackets warm and cosy without looking too bulky. We primarily use mTHERM and PrimaLoft for our skiwear. They are made from materials that create countless tiny air chambers when puffed up. The chambers are the key to perfect heat insulation.


Our very own insulating fabric consists of high-quality fibres that have a heat-insulating effect, yet stay breathable. Keeping dry is also not a problem with synthetic fibres: while you're being active, sweat is simply channelled through the material and eventually penetrates through the mTEX membrane to get to the surface. A significant advantage of mTHERM is its low weight compared to its insulating capacity. So you won’t end up carrying any unnecessary weight around with you when you’re on the piste.


This material for ski jackets also consists of synthetic fibres. It is highly breathable and dries extremely quickly. The highlight: up to 70% of PrimaLoft is made from recycled PET bottles – so it not only keeps you warm, but it also protects the environment. Furthermore, the fabric is easy care and durable – one more plus point for your women’s ski jacket.

Essential extras


elasticated cuffs

Cuffs adapt to your arms to ensure that no snow can get through the sleeve openings. This helps to keep your arms stay dry all day long. Many women’s ski jackets combine these cuffs with thumbholes. In this case, your thumb prevents your sleeve from being pushed back while you're skiing as well as cold air or moisture from getting to your skin. Simply put your gloves on over them and your clothing layers overlap perfectly.

Snow guard around the hips

The snow guard uses the same principle as the cuffs. It’s a type of elasticated waist near the hem that hugs your hips and prevents snow from getting into your jacket from below. For instance, when you fall, the wet snow can all too quickly be pushed along your ski pants under your jacket.

wide, high-closing collar

The wide collar on the Maier Sports women’s winter jackets serves to protect you from the wind. It will not only protect you from the cold wind, but also has plenty of room for a thick scarf or ski mask.

Ticket pocket

No more digging around for your weekly pass at the lift: women’s ski jackets with this extra usually have a wide pocket on the chest that you can easily open even with your mittens on. Perfect for your ski pass, ID or other paraphernalia.

Ski jackets for women - modern design meets 80+years' experience

Whether you prefer a minimalistic style in signal colours that will make you visible in any snow storm or fashionable patterns and striking asymmetries: in addition to their practical features, women’s ski jackets from Maier Sports will ensure you are dressed to impress. We combine both worlds with each other and offer women of the world winter sports outfits that promise to be their loyal companion in any situation. Choose the item you want for your next winter holiday from a wide range of sizes and striking designs and see for yourself what 80+ years of high-quality ski clothing has to offer.