Softshell pants

Thanks to robust materials, technical features, and our demand for optimal fit, we can fulfil any need and offer a suitable softshell pant for all body types and sizes. 


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Outdoor Softshell pants for urban jungles and mountain adventures

If you spend every free minute outside your house, you need pants to match this active lifestyle. When developing our outdoor softshell pants, we keep that in mind and equip them with many functional, technological features like stormprotec and dryprotec. Our Perlit is perfect for urban exploration and winter walks with maximum lightness combined with wind and weather protection. On the other hand, our Tech pants are made for mountain adventures and extensive hiking tours, even in extreme weather conditions. And if things get wet, Lapilli is dry in no time, thanks to dryprotec.

Maximum wearing comfort on and off the slopes in softshell ski pants

Our softshell ski pants are all equipped with dryprotec and offer maximum freedom of movement and comfort – for you to enjoy every minute in the snow on glacier hikes, fast-paced slope descents on skis, or partying après-ski in the chalet. Although all ski pants models feel at home hitting the slopes – thanks to Cordura® edge protection and a snow guard – Marie and Lothar 2 also shine on touring getaways in the mountains. Our Mary is a star for your daily winter routine off the slopes due to the pants´ tighter, more feminine cut.

What parts does a pair of softshell pants consist of?

We use a robust mix of materials rounded out with innovative features for weather protection and comfort in our softshell pants. The basic structure for any softshell pants from our product range consists of at least two layers called laminate. The outer material layer is designed for protection against external factors like wind, rain, or snow. Stormprotec means our softshell pants have a three-layer structure that further improves protective and insulating properties – for maximum comfort.

Warmth and wearing comfort are the driving factors for the base material. That´s why we use fleece lining, which promises cosy warmth in chilly weather conditions. Additionally, we use stretch inserts and the basic two-way stretch properties to maximise the effect. As a result, all Maier Sports softshell pants are robust, durable companions providing you with maximum freedom of movement with excellent thermal properties.

Softshell pants and their benefits

The cold is an outdoor fan´s greatest enemy. Freezing feet, cold legs, and shivering arms make hiking a chore and ruin the fun on the slopes. Softshell pants are your best friend in these conditions, though. They keep your legs warm so that you can go hiking or skiing with enthusiasm. Other benefits include:

  • high breathability
  • water repellent
  • windproof
  • high elasticity

Combining high breathability and elasticity makes softshell pants perfect for extensive, even arduous trekking and hiking tours. Sweat gets wicked to the outside efficiently while you climb rocks and cliffs. You won´t overheat in the pants in wintery conditions but can stroll through autumnal rain showers or beautiful snowy landscapes at a comfortable temperature and with full freedom of movement.

Reliable protection from rain, wetness, and especially wind is a particular benefit of all our softshell pants. Features like stormprotec prevent you from getting chilled even in strong winds and storms – the notorious windchill effect will never be an issue for you ever again. Instead, you´ll have a warming layer of air close to your body to keep you comfortable for hours on end.

What is the right fit?

The right fit is essential because you and your body are unique. After all, you want to be able to move freely and feel comfortable during all activities. That is why we have various cuts and sizes in our product range.

Our regular fit flatters your legs, feeling appropriately loose without accentuating your contour. The slim fit accentuates your legs´ silhouette and is quite tight. We use stretch materials for maximum freedom of movement and excellent wearing comfort. As fitting specialists, we offer you three size variations to choose from:

  • short size
  • regular size
  • long size

Shorter outdoor fans can pick short sizes if they want to buy new softshell pants. We shortened the pants´ legs to match the size proportions. Our long sizes are an ideal fit for taller people. All exercise enthusiasts who don´t need specialised sizes can purchase normal-sized softshell pants. We have adjusted our size categories over the years to suit all body types.

From the summit to the valley - the areas of use

Softshell pants are reliable companions in various situations: Hiking the highest mountains, enjoying a pleasant Sunday stroll, and living your daily routine in the urban jungle, at a Christmas market, or the ice rink. Maier Sports softshell pants are a perfect match for any situation – thanks to the robust weather protection with windproof and water-repellent features.

Snow enthusiasts are set up perfectly with our softshell ski pants. You´ll look stunning in them skiing down the slopes as well as enjoying après-ski afterwards. They also provide you with reliable protection from the cold, snow, and wetness off the slopes and on glacier hikes.

How to care for softshell pants?

Long mountain tours and days filled with swift downhill skiing are bound to leave marks on your softshell pants. That is no problem, though, and with the proper care, you can wear them again and again. Basically, all our outdoor pants are machine washable – preferably washed at 30°C. But you should never under any circumstances use fabric softener as it would damage the softshell pants´ breathability. Put them in the dryer? Only if the corresponding symbol is depicted on the tag! Letting your softshell pants air-dry takes longer but is the most gentle.

Also, basic principles like washing laundry inside out or pre-treating heavy dirt stains apply to your softshell pants. If you keep all that in mind, you´ll enjoy your outdoor pants for a long time.

What is the difference between hardshell and softshell pants?

On a first look, there is barely a difference between the two types of pants, and you have to take a closer look into the material properties to recognise the differences. Softshell pants perform well outdoors in rainy weather and general wetness but not on the same level as comparable hardshell pants. This is due to the water-repellent material, which becomes saturated by consistent contact with wetness.

Hardshell describes the waterproof surface. However, the breathability of the pants suffers from the top-performing waterproof features – an area in which softshell pants perform much better.

Functionality, look and feel on a world-class level

Your softshell pants are your reliable companion on all outdoor adventures, especially when things get colder and windier. Skiing, hiking, or cycling – they protect and keep you comfortably warm. Find a perfectly fitting pair of softshell pants in our extensive product range in line with your individual needs thanks to our various cuts and optimised sizes and sizes variations.