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Hiking trips are one of the easiest ways to enjoy nature. On paved or unpaved paths, deep in the woods or on scenic hill routes, the fit and comfort of clothing are crucial to your enjoyment. Light, soft and stretch fabrics that still offer a high degree of breathability and weather protection are the focus of our attention.

Maier Sports

hiking pants

Maier Sports offers a wide range of outdoor pants and shorts which are durable, water-repellent and stretchy. They provide the best possible support and protection from adverse weather conditions for active women, whether they’re on a hiking trip or during their daily outdoor activities.

Outdoor pants with a zip-off option have a zipper at knee height. Pants with a double zip-off can either be worn as knee-length or capri length shorts. The pant legs can be removed quickly and easily in pleasant weather and stored in a rucksack. When the weather changes, they are unpacked and zipped on again just as quickly. Maier Sports has an extensive range, and you can find pants in 3/4 or 7/8 length as well as in slim or regular fit.

A good pair of pants should fit well, protect the legs, and let the body breathe. Therefore, they are an indispensable part of your hiking outfit. That’s why we offer you a wide selection of unique features so that everyone can find their perfect pair.

Depending on the individual product, assorted colours are available, from chilli pepper to night sky to teak. But you will also find classic black as well as graphite-coloured pants. Depending on the weather conditions, you can choose long outdoor pants made from a stretch fabric and an entire range of options or airy lightweight shorts. The RAINDROP can be put on over other pants, and their mTex 10,000 membrane protects you from heavy rain showers.

Maier Sports

Hiking outerwear

Robustness, rain protection, breathability, freedom of movement – the requirements for hiking jackets are also versatile. To make sure short rain showers or gusts of wind don´t slow down your outdoor adventure and to ensure that you arrive at your destination dry and warm, various jackets and coats are available in the Maier Sports product line. They provide excellent weather protection and are designed for the rugged outdoors.

Thanks to the many pockets of Maier Sports clothes, even small items such as your smartphone, wallet, or dog treats will find their place. On colder days you can complement your jacket with a fleece or jersey jacket worn underneath. Breathable hiking blouses, polo shirts and tops complete this reliable outdoor outfit perfectly.

Whether you want to brave the gusty wind while walking or be protected from rain showers – the ideal outerwear is a crucial factor for your outdoor adventures

These comfortable jackets are made of breathable fabrics, offer weather protection and can be easily packed away. They were developed specifically for use in nature. Remember to wear a breathable and comfortable shirt under your jacket. We provide everything: From long-sleeved outdoor shirts to lightweight short-sleeved to hiking shirts with stretch; you are sure to find your style in our collection. Midlayers are essential for the layering look. They make you feel warmer or cooler, depending on the weather.