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Put one foot in front of the other, with your eyes on the colourful landscape and your nose to the wind. That’s what autumn hikes are all about: Enjoying the fresh air and the feeling of conquering winding trails, gravel paths and asphalt streets, with your favourite hiking companion(s) by your side and your trusty equipment ready to protect you against anything. And that’s where we come in with our reliable outdoor pants and jackets, specially designed for the demands of long hiking tours.

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Proper hiking tours typically take multiple hours at the least and you’ll need to contend with different types of surfaces to walk on as well as unforeseen changes in the weather. In other words: the exact conditions for which we have designed our hiking apparel. Enjoy maximum comfort and reliability, even when the going gets tough.

Our hiking pants and jackets turn cold temperatures and bad weather from warning signs into challenges to be overcome. So get your gear on and choose your path to adventure – and rely on our hiking product range to keep you safe from the elements.

Great functionality is our number one goal when it comes to hiking apparel, from creating the perfect fit and using the most comfortable materials to providing you with the best possible weather protection.

With the Maier Sports range of hiking apparel, you’ll know what it means to be able to rely on your outdoor clothes every step of the way: Whether you need robust seams when traversing rough terrain or a waterproof finish to get you safely through a thunderstorm, our clothes feature a number of advanced performance elements that will not leave you wanting.

We are the pants specialists

Hiking is great exercise for your legs – after all, they do most of the work. Now just imagine how much your hiking pants need to do in order to allow your legs to work at peak performance without getting clammy or exhausted in the middle of your journey. At Maier Sports, we understand just how important a proper pair of outdoor pants is to hiking. That’s why we specialise in designing and producing high-performance outdoor pants.

Enjoy maximum comfort on the trail

As a fit specialist, we deliberately use the more individualised classic sizing systems while also providing three different special size categories for especially tall or short people. That way, we can be sure to always have the right size on hand for any outdoor enthusiast. After all, finding the right size is important for hiking, as only a perfect fit can reliably prevent your pants from chafing.

You can freely choose from a wide variety of sizes when purchasing hiking pants such as the Lulaka or the Nil, two of our most popular products. In addition, you can buy your pants as regular fit or slim fit variants, to make sure your pants will fit you perfectly on all of your hiking adventures.

Enjoy advanced design and performance elements

Aside from being a fit specialist, Maier Sports also knows which features you need in a pair of pants to be fully prepared for your hiking tour. For one, you need a lot of freedom of movement. Enter: our highly elasticated 4-way stretch fabric, perfect for allowing your legs to move freely over any kind of terrain.

An elasticated waistband offers you an amazingly comfortable fit, whether you’re sitting down, walking or taking a leap.

If you prefer the kinds of hiking tours that really get you sweaty, you’ll love the rollup function which allows you to easily roll up the legs of some of our hiking pants so you can enjoy a refreshing breeze around your ankles. Our Zipp-Off technology works in a very similar way and allows pants such as the Nata 2 to be turned into airy Bermudas.

Meanwhile, our dryprotec system ensures that Maier Sports pants dry quickly after getting wet. So, if you accidentally fall into a stream or get surprised by rain, it won’t take long for you to be able to continue, without wet fabric chafing against your legs.

the perfect way to keep your upper body comfy

Shirts and jackets are typically the outermost layer of your hiking outfit. Usually, you’ll want to wear a weatherproof jacket on top of a warming midlayer and a breathable baselayer. Your jacket also provides you with storage space for all of the items you might want to bring along.

To keep you warm on cold autumn hikes, our jackets typically feature mTHERM or mTHERM light insulation elements, combining great heat retention properties with a particularly low weight. In addition, our jackets feature many other convenient design elements such as:

  • Packaway function
  • Weatherproof materials
  • Breathable fabrics

In addition, different types of pockets offer plenty of space to carry items such as smartphones or wallets while the packaway function allows the jacket to be put into a backpack without taking up too much space. Good breathability ensures that moisture inside the jacket gets wicked away quickly without losing heat. Finally, jackets with SilverPlus® technology have a limited antibacterial effect which acts against unpleasant odours forming within the fabric.

Layering your hiking clothes is your best option for combining heat retention, breathability and weather protection into one perfect hiking outfit. Make sure to perfectly match every layer and you’re set to go.

If you’re out on a cold autumn day, use a fleece jacket as a midlayer to keep you warm. Or use it as a toplayer if there’s no risk of rain. Our hiking clothes can be freely combined with clothes from our other product ranges to create the exact outfit you need: Always practical, always fashionable.

Maier Sports hiking clothes fit everybody

Enjoy your hiking trip, thanks to breathable, highly practical and comfortable Maier Sports outdoor pants, jackets and midlayers. They’ll keep you safe and warm wherever you go.