Do you have any questions about warranty or repair of Maier Sports products, please read the direction of the menu option 5-years-warranty. Did you know that you get of all Maier Sports product a 5-years warranty of material fatigue. Please take into consideration that the communication and shipment have take place above the retailer. Your retailer is the person or company which you have signed the contract of a purchase about your Maier Sports item. A direct submission to Maier Sports GmbH is unfortunately not possible.

The satisfaction of our customers is a main topic at Maier Sports. In the following we have compiled some questions for you, which are often asked. Hopefully you get an overview with all important information.

Frequently questions

At vendor search you will find after enter your postcode, your suitable retailer of Maier Sports close to you. Should the retailer do not sell your favorite item of Maier Sports, then he has often the opportunity to order your item.

On the website of Maier Sports, you get an overview of our new collection. If you prefer looking the new collection, then we recommend you to go to one of our distributor. Near local retailer find you under vendor search.

Please follow with it our detailed advices, which can be found under menu item "care instructions".

At first we ask for understanding, that we accept warranty items just by our retailer and not by end customers. Therefore we request you to go with your faulty item in according with the receipt to your Maier Sports special retailer. This one will look after your matter. Please notice that you unfortunately can not send your items directly to Maier Sports, since you have concluded your contract of purchase with your retailer.

We have increased our warranty and give you a 5-years warranty of material defects and workmanship defects since summer 2008. In these times we will regulate all occurly defects in context of our warranty conditions. Under menu option 5-years-warranty you can read which parts the warranty comprise and how to procced in a warranty case.

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