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Maier Sports adventure camp 2021

It’s about time to go outside again! Wintertime is filled with adventures and we want to experience them with you. All we need from you is a great story and an amazing photo to go along with it – and just like that, you get a chance to win a place in our Maier Sports Adventure Camp event on 17 and 18 April 2021. Experience your personal winter adventure weekend in the beautiful Ziller Valley, together with your favourite adventure sidekick.

The three lucky winners and their partners will experience everything the Ziller Valley has to offer. Enter the raffle and get ready to become part of the Maier Sports Adventure Camp community.

What you can win

The beautiful town of Tux Finkenberg in the picturesque Ziller Valley offers just the right kind of atmosphere for unforgettable winter adventures. You can look forward to a variety of activities, such as:

  • Adrenaline-fueled ski runs
  • Breath-taking winter hikes
  • A fairy-tale boat tour on a glacial lake
  • Light spelunking in the “Natur Eis Palast” glacial cave system

To make sure that you and your companion are well-equipped for all of the adventures that await you, we also provide both of you with free Maier Sports winter outfits.

How you can participate

We at Maier Sports love a good story. So, if you have an experience up your sleeve which makes you the centre of attention at any party, we’d love to hear about it! Is it something that makes everyone around you jealous? Something really funny that happened to you? Or maybe something you can only laugh about in retrospect? We can’t wait to hear your story!

Tell us about your most beautiful, most exciting or funniest winter outdoor experience, from spontaneous backpacking tours at the first sight of snow to a stormy overnight stay on your favourite mountaintop. And since pictures are worth a thousand words, we’d also love to see a snapshot to go along with the story.

Pour your precious memories into our participation form and share your most amazing winter experience with us – we’re looking forward to hearing about it!

Alternatively, you can participate directly via Instagram. Tell us about your best outdoor experience within a post on your public channel. Tag @maiersports and use the #maiersportserlebniscamp to get into the lottery. Also, follow our channel @maiersports to stay up to date. 

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