An unparalleled range of sizes

Maier Sports pants come in 61 sizes – 36 for men, 25 for women. This enables you to find outdoor pants that suit you, no matter what.

Your exact size

We believe that everyone should be able to move freely outdoors, regardless of their body shape or size. S, M, L and XL? That doesn't go far enough for us. At Maier Sports, we give you a range of intermediate sizes to choose from, including plenty of short and long sizes.

What's your size?


Are you shorter than average? In our short sizes, the pant legs are a few centimetres shorter (how much shorter depends on overall proportions). They are suited to men under 174 cm and women under 168 cm tall. Tip: to find your short size, divide your standard size by two.


Most outdoor fans fall into this category. This size is for men between 174-186 cm and women between 168-176 cm tall. Note: you won't find S, M, L and XL sizes here. We offer a wide range of intermediate size gradations for the perfect fit.


Our long sizes are designed for men over 186 cm and women over 176 cm tall. They have significantly longer pant legs – while the other measurements are worked out precisely from the length. For women, it's double your standard size. For men, it's double your standard size, minus two.

Find your size

61 sizes are a lot. Our calculator helps you find the perfect size for your body type in a flash.

Here's how it works:

1. Find pants that you like.

2. On the product page, click on "Choose size" and then "What's my size?"

3. Enter your size, weight and age and your measurements (if you know them).

4. Voilà: we'll tell you what size we'd recommend – while taking into account whether you'd prefer a slim or relaxed fit.

Thinking of shortening your pants? It's better not to.

We ensure that the proportions are perfect for all our outdoor pants, including different versions and sizes. From the zip to the drawstrings, all the details are positioned exactly where they need to be, down to the millimetre.

That's why you shouldn't shorten Maier Sports pants. Removing a piece messes with the proportions and it will negatively affect your pants' functionality and fit.

The good news is that choosing one of our short sizes will avoid the hassle of shortening and you'll have pants with all the measurements perfectly calibrated.