Hiking pants guide

Comfortable hiking pants are a must in every wardrobe. They are not only useful for hiking, but also for any outdoor activity. And they outlive all fashionable trends. However, there are so many different kinds to choose from nowadays that you shouldn’t simply just buy any hiking pants. Because if you choose the wrong model, a lot of the time you’ll notice that the pants are anything but functional when in use.

What makes good hiking pants ?

Do I need hiking pants, outdoor pants, functional pants or trekking pants?

These four terms are often used as synonyms. Strictly speaking, they’re not the same. The fact is that hiking pants have been developed specifically for hiking, therefore they are abrasion-proof, breathable, stretch and have many practical details. All these features together make hiking pants very functional.

Trekking pants differ to hiking pants in that the material and finish are more robust. This is because you need to be comfortable for several days at a time when trekking. They also have to be able to dry quickly e.g. with dryprotec.

However, outdoor pants or functional pants are umbrella terms, which include all types of outdoor activities, therefore less clearly defined. Some manufacturers equip outdoor pants/functional pants with lots of functions. However, others make them barely distinguishable from standard cotton pants by adding just a few details that are suitable for the outdoors. Moreover, many functional pants nowadays are also suitable for everyday use.

Maier Sports has something for all needs, ranging from everyday functional pants to technically advanced hiking pants. In fact, all of our pants are functional and suitable for active outdoor use.

There is only one important difference: our functional pants are even more versatile whereas our hiking pants have been developed especially for long walks in the outdoors. Moreover, you will also find proper all-purpose outdoor pants such as our best-rated pants for hiking and travelling – multi-award-winning hiking pants with a plethora of functions and practical features.

Fit: Hiking pants have to fit perfectly!

Hiking pants, or functional pants, have to be able to do everything: fit properly but also allow great freedom of movement; be close-fitting but not cut into anywhere; be worn over hiking boots but not flap around or drag in the dirt. And all that regardless of the figure Mother Nature gave us!

When it comes to the perfect fit, Maier Sports is your specialist. Maier Sports has perfect fitting hiking pants for every figure thanks to 25 sizes for women and 36 for men.

As the waist circumference, thigh width, hip width, leg muscles and leg length can vary greatly from person to person, and the right fit is essential for a comfortable fit, we won’t force you into the five classic clothes sizes of S to XXL.

Women under 1.68 m and men under 1.74 m can choose between 10 and 14 different short sizes respectively. The normal sizes – for women from 1.68 m and men from 1.74 m – are also available in 10 and 14 sizes respectively. The long sizes, for people who are too tall for the normal sizes, come in five cuts for women and eight for men.

Cut: What cut is suitable for hiking?

In addition to the fabric, workmanship and features, hiking pants also have a different cut compared to everyday pants. The knee sections should be preformed if you want to be able to make wide and high steps easily when climbing or scrambling (or kneeling down). This is why the pants have a slightly curved cut. Moreover, details such as pockets should not limit freedom of movement or cause friction, even when filled.

The question then remains whether the cut of the hiking pants should be form-fitting (slim) or loose (regular). There are advantages to both cuts. Fashionable form-fitting hiking pants rub less and do not flap around. Loose-fitting pants have a more relaxed fit and provide better ventilation. In turn, you benefit from Maier Sports’ numerous sizes and product range (with slim and regular cuts): try them out for yourself and choose the version that makes you feel more comfortable.