Our goal: pants that fit you incredibly well.

There's no point having the world's best outdoor pants if the fit is just 'ok'. We focus on providing the perfect fit, whatever pants you choose and whatever your height or body shape. Because that's what you need to move comfortably and focus on enjoying the experience.

How we ensure the perfect fit

Years of experience, a deep knowledge of textiles and a genuine love for the outdoors mean that we know our stuff. We create garments where the material, cut and details complement each other perfectly.

At the same time, we appreciate that everyone is unique. That's why we give you the freedom to choose. With 61 sizes, three fits and a range of waistband options, you can find pants that suit you perfectly.

Choose from 3 cuts

  • Slim Fit


    As you'd expect, our slim-fit pants are sporty, close-fitting and accentuate your body shape. We make them from an elastic material, giving you 100% freedom of movement.

  • Regular Fit


    The classic. Our regular-fit pants hang loosely over the thighs, knees and calves, and flatter your physique. They also allow plenty of air to circulate between the fabric and your skin.

  • Comfort Fit


    Our third option, the comfort fit, is exclusive to our ski pants. The cut is wider at the waist, leg and knee for a relaxed fit and it also has a longer leg designed to sit on top of ski boots.

Introducing our waistband types

Hiking Waistband with Flex Zone

The flex zone on this elastic waistband allows it to adjust flexibly to your body. It's best used in combination with a belt – which is included with most models with this waistband type.

Traditional Hiking Waistband

Our hiking pants feature this waistband type, which is made of highly elastic material. It complements our slim-fit models to create an athletic look. A belt is included with most pants of this type.

Vario Hiking Pant Waistband

The innovative Vario waistband has a higher cut, is slightly wider and provides a tight, snug fit. It comes with a highly stretchable flex zone, ensuring that your pants fit comfortably and securely even without a belt.

Sporty Trekking Pant Waistband

This sporty waistband is made from rubber, gripping your waist tightly. This means you don't need a belt. It also eliminates any rubbing caused by your backpack or hip belt.