T-Shirts made from recycled coffee

Great new shirts made from old coffee grounds

Coffee might just be one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. That’s why there’s a near-endless supply of coffee grounds produced in the process of making coffee. These grounds are the raw materials used for S.Café®, a highly functional and sustainably sourced type of fibre we at Maier Sports use to create cooling summer shirts. This is how enjoying your morning coffee helps us produce sustainable clothing.

Maier Sports
By Maier Sports

The coffee grounds produced in large quantities by the world’s coffee lovers are a natural, renewable resource. The S.Café® production process turns what would normally be called biological waste into a new high-quality material. This is true upcycling. What’s more, processing coffee grounds into high-quality materials for clothing requires very little energy. This means the entire process is very environmentally friendly and creates a high-quality product which Maier Sports uses to produce amazing outdoor clothes and sportswear.


Turning coffee grounds into a special fibre

S.Café® fabric feels pleasantly cool and dry on skin, which is why our tops and shirts are the perfect choice for any summer outfit. So ultimately, it’s recycled coffee grounds which make our fabrics so comfortable in hot weather or during strenuous activities. During the energy-saving production process, the recycled and specially prepared coffee grounds are applied to the surface of the filaments using low temperatures and high pressure. This process changes the properties of the fibre.

Dries quickly and keeps you feeling fresh

Notably, S.Café® fabric dries about 200 % more quickly than other materials such as cotton. Micro-pores prevent unpleasant odours from developing in the material while also wicking away moisture from the skin. This means you can wear your S.Café® shirt enjoying both the good feeling that comes with sustainably sourced clothes in the first place and the fresh feeling on your skin created by this special fibre.

Fresh styles with a cooling effect

Some Maier Sports clothes made from cooling S.Café® fabric include the highly functional women’s outdoor shirt Irmi and the sleeveless top Ceri as well as the men’s print shirt Mountainview. But really, any of our S.Café® pieces are a great choice for outdoor activities in hot weather, as the fabric made from recycled coffee grounds cools the skin while dryprotec wicks away sweat. And of course, we offer all of our clothes in a large variety of sizes, so they’ll fit perfectly as well.

Enjoy your coffee – in more than one way!

With our S.Café® t-shirts and tops, you’re perfectly equipped for all kinds of outdoor adventures. But you’ll also be dressed for evenings at the cabin, going to a restaurant or enjoying a stroll through town. After all, these shirts don’t just feel cool, they look amazing as well. You’ll be sure to think about your new S.Café® shirt next time you enjoy an espresso or latte macchiato.