FIT 3.0



Highly individualised and incredibly versatile: This season, the choice of ski pants is yours, as our expert designers have created many additional options for you to find your personal style. In addition to our popular, proven regular fit pants, we also offer slim fit and loose fit ski pants.


We are fit specialists. We are pants specialists. And we are passionate about what we do. That’s why we offer our ski pants in no less than 25 women’s sizes and 36 men’s sizes. And in addition to choosing between 61 different sizes, you can also choose from various different types of insulation as well as plenty of other features and variants. Add to this a wide variety of colours, up to eight of which can make up the design of your personal pair of pants, and you’re not even done yet – thanks to our Fit 3.0 initiative.


Three different types of fit to choose from

Every new ski season is a chance for you to experience new things and enjoy an unforgettable winter adventure. However, ski enthusiasts differ not only by the experiences they make, but by their taste in fashion as well. Our overall concept for fit types takes this into account, to allow you to find the perfect pair of ski pants for your body type.

Regular fit, slim fit and loose fit all offer different cuts, shapes and sizes to create your personal look. Also, the exact position of the waistband is determined by the type of fit you choose.

Slim fit - make your legs look slender

Compared to the regular fit, our slim fit ski pants are considerably narrower at the thighs, knees and hips. At the same time, the waist area is slightly lower on the body. The hem area on the legs is also much narrower, underlining the slenderness of your legs. The zip fasteners on the legs allow you to open up the leg hem when you’re skiing and to close them afterwards to create that slender look. And don’t worry: the zip fasteners feature elastic snow protection elements, allowing you to show off your stylish look without the risk of having snow get into your pants.


Narrower at the waist, knees and hips, the slim fit version of our amazingly popular Vroni pants guarantees a feminine look on the slopes. The Vroni Slim is a real all-rounder with its breathable, waterproof and windproof mTEX 10.000 membrane. And thanks to the light mTHERM padding, these pants will reliably keep you warm on cold days as well. The 4-way stretch material provides you with maximum freedom of movement and a perfect fit both on and off the slopes, while edge protection and snow guard elements keep you safe. The Vroni Slim will make your legs look fashionably slim, whether you’re skiing downhill or partying afterwards. Simply keep the zip fasteners on the legs open when you’re skiing – an elastic wedge element underneath will prevent snow from getting inside your shoes.

The casual loose fit

Like the slim fit, the loose fit features a lower waist area which means these pants are worn lower as well.

Loose fit pants are much wider in the hip, waist, knee and hem areas compared to the regular fit, though. The length of the legs has also been increased to allow them to sit comfortably on top of your ski shoes. Loose fit pants are cut so they fit comfortably and look very casual.


The Anton Loose ski pants guarantee a casual look on the slopes. Their slightly wider legs sit comfortably on top of your boots while giving you that casual freeride look when you wear them low. The Anton Loose has all the features of the normal Anton 2 ski pants, such as a waterproof and windproof mTEX 10.000 membrane, 2-way stretch materials for maximum freedom of movement and warm mTHERM padding which keeps you comfy even on very cold days.

Enthusiastic skiers will love the pre-formed knee areas which offer more freedom of movement, as well as the adjustable waistband and the detachable braces. Edge protection and snow guard elements keep your pants safe from damage while also preventing snow from getting in, even during hard turns on the slopes. Skiers who want to take their smartphones, their keys and maybe some other items with them on the slopes will enjoy the four pockets with zip fasteners as well.

Regular fit – just comfortable

What makes our regular fit so special is that you can combine it with virtually anything you like. That’s because our regular fit clothes are just that comfortable! Our ski pants are neither too loose nor too tight, they’re exactly right. Thanks to the integrated mTEX weather protection membrane, you can wear these ski pants comfortably in any given situation. The waistband of regular fit ski pants in particular contributes to a snug fit, as it accentuates neither your backside nor your hips too much. In addition, Maier Sports ski pants have regular-length legs so they reach your ski shoes without bunching up.

Many of our most successful and longest-running products feature a regular fit, since it perfectly reflects the typical body shape and size of most people today. Which just goes to show that when it comes to clothes, it’s the details that count.


Our fashionable Ronka women’s ski pants are available in a total of six stylish colours. Featuring a sportive cut, these regular fit pants are just perfect for ambitious skiers who love wearing comfortable outfits while flying down the slopes. Our Ronka pants feature a warm padding and many functional details such as a snow guard, zip fasteners on the legs and a reinforced leg hem.

These pants are windproof, waterproof and breathable thanks to their mTEX 10.000 membrane, while the elasticated 2-way stretch material offers maximum freedom of movement and a perfect fit in any situation. The wide, adjustable waistband is the icing on the cake – you won’t ever want to take these pants off again, they are just that comfortable and perfect for any situation.