5-year warranty

Products that are used for a long time are especially sustainable and are the most effective way to protect the Earth’s resources. This is why we provide a high quality and a voluntary guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship out of conviction.


With more than 80 years of experience, our extensive expertise and highly skilled  employees give us the confidence to keep this promise. And should problems arise, repairs can be carried out quickly by our professionals in our own sewing department in Köngen.

Would you like to make a claim based on the 5-year warranty? Then we would like to provide you with the following guideline so we can handle your claim as quickly as possible. Please contact the retailer where you bought the product. Your retailer will then check whether the problem is related to the material or workmanship or general wear and/or inappropriate use.

 1. Your product is defective


2. Contact your dealer and have your product tested

3. The retailer sends your product to Maier Sports

4. The product will be repaired by us and returned to the dealer

Important warranty information

The guarantee applies to all Maier Sports products bought by the consumer in Germany after 1 January 2010. The date on the purchase receipt is authoritative. The customer is a consumer unless the product was bought to be resold or to be used in a commercial or professional self-employed activity. Maier Sports guarantees the consumer that the product is free from material or workmanship defects. If a defect occurs within the guarantee period despite correct handling of the product, Maier Sports will repair the product free of charge or completely replace it, at their own discretion.

Claims based on this warranty will not apply if defects were caused by the consumer himself/herself, for example as a result of a fall, accident or improper handling, as well as normal wear and tear, especially during particularly intense use. Similarly, the warranty shall not apply if the defect resulted from improper repair or any other kind of intervention by a third party.

The warranty is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase (warranty period). The date of the purchase receipt of the new product from the specialist dealer is decisive. The warranty period is not extended due to the provision of services under this warranty, in particular not in the event of repair or replacement of the product. In these cases, the warranty period does not start anew.

The consumer can claim rights under this warranty by submitting the defective product and the original purchase receipt within the warranty period to the retailer where the initial customer bought the product. The retailer will first check the defect, then send the product to Maier Sports. If a warranty case exists, Maier Sports will repair the product free of charge or completely replace it, at their own discretion. If it emerges that a warranty case does not exist, the product can be repaired by Maier Sports at the customer’s expense. In such a case, Maier Sports will notify the customer of the costs that are likely to occur in a quote before the repair takes place. The consumer can choose whether to request the repair of the product for a fee or to ask for the product to be returned without repair.