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Winter hiking

Clear skies, the warm rays of the sun on your cheeks and a white blanket of snow under your boots – few things are as relaxing as hiking on a calm winter day. When you’re exploring new trails out in the snow, you’re living in the moment. And thanks to your Maier Sports outdoor and winter hiking clothes, no cold gust of wind can throw you off.

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The perfect sport for physical and mental health

Winter hiking

Breathe deep, enjoy the fresh air and the wonderful sights – yes, winter hikes are a treat for body and soul. The sport can effectively help with preventing health issues both physical and mental. Hiking also has a positive effect on the way your body metabolises fat, improving your immune system. And the occasional pulse-accelerating climb will do wonders for your circulation as well.

Enjoy a great view of mother nature – wintertime means enjoying a feeling of freedom while exploring the great outdoors. Hiking clears your head from the stress of everyday life, allowing you to just switch off, breathe deep and enjoy the here-and-now.

Particularly in times like the current pandemic, running and hiking are the ideal sports for getting out of the house: You can do it alone without any risk of infection. You improve your mood in preparation for long home office hours and you don’t need to rely on gyms, yoga studios or the like to be open when you’re in the mood for some exercise.

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The perfect clothes

Frosty temperatures and beautiful white snow, picturesque landscapes and lots of fresh air – wintertime can be such a great season when the weather is good. For winter hiking, this means: Make sure you have the right outfit for the season. Functional outdoor clothes protect you against low temperatures, cold winds and wet snow so you can get out and enjoy your favourite skiing regions such as the Allgäu, Tux or Ziller valley regions – or just the rural areas right outside your home.

We suggest you rely on a classic multi-layer outfit for your winter outdoor adventures. That means combining multiple layers of functional clothing so they complement each other perfectly. For example, with the right combination, your clothes can help wick away sweat from your skin during particularly strenuous hiking adventures. And when you’re taking a break, the right combination will keep you warm and protect you against wind-chill. Thus, combining layers prepares you for a variety of situations. Here’s an example of layers you could combine to form your winter hiking outfit:

  • Shirt or base layer
  • Midlayer or fleece jacket
  • Outdoor jacket
  • Outdoor pants

When it comes to your upper body, you’ll want to wear a quick-drying, breathable shirt as a base layer. A tight but elasticated midlayer or a fleece jacket with dryprotec technology is the perfect second layer. Depending on the temperatures, you might also want to consider wearing an additional thicker fleece jacket like our Ulva Jacket on top of that. Finally, you’ll want to wear an outdoor jacket such as the Metor Therm. Its breathable waterproof mTHERM 10.000 weather protection technology makes it the perfect choice for wintertime outdoor adventures. And thanks to its mTHERM light padding, it also helps to keep you warm on a hike.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to be very mobile, even when you’re wearing multiple layers of clothes. Choose elasticated Maier Sports clothes with 2-way or 4-way stretch materials to provide maximum freedom of movement during your hikes.

Perhaps the most important part of your outfit are your hiking pants. These will need to be made from special materials in order to prevent the fabric from getting wet and to keep your legs reliably warm on cold days. Innovative Maier Sports technologies protect you against both cold temperatures and moisture while providing a perfect fit at the same time.

What makes a good pair of hiking pants?

A great fit, elasticity and protection against the weather – those are the main attributes you’ll want in a pair of hiking pants. They’ll need to be able to protect you against cold temperatures, outside moisture and sudden gusts of wind. A good pair of hiking pants will keep your legs warm and comfortable, even in rough terrain.

Maier Sports makes sure that your hiking pants will fit you perfectly, with stretch materials that will give you maximum freedom of movement. Combine that with mTEX weather protection and a PFC-free finish and you’ve got some of the best winter hiking pants available, thanks to Maier Sports.

Additional features such as edge protection elements on the legs or a snow guard also make hiking long trails a much more comfortable experience.

Meanwhile, plenty of pockets make sure you can carry everything you’ll need on your hike.

Which pair of hiking pants is perfect for which activity?

During winter hikes, you need a pair of pants that’s windproof, water-repellent and breathable at the same time. That’s because your pants need to protect you against the elements while making sure that any moisture that forms on your skin is wicked away reliably. You should choose your hiking pants depending on what types of trails you prefer and what kind of weather is to be expected.

For example, our Helga and Perlit pants are perfect for winter hikes and city tours. With their 2-way stretch materials, they are highly flexible, making them the perfect choice for any activity that requires a lot of movement. Their fleece padding also keeps you reliably warm.

Under difficult weather conditions or when you’re off on a particularly strenuous trail, our Diabas, Tech Pants and Dunit outdoor pants are the perfect choice. Thanks to their snow guards, mTEX weather protection and PFC-free finishes, they provide maximum protection for comfortable winter adventures.

Thanks to their breathable softshell material, the Tech Pants are perfect for ambitious outdoor enthusiasts. These pants protect you against even the strongest of winds, thanks to stormprotec technology. And thanks to the Cordura® edge protection elements, the warming fleece interior and the flexible 2-way stretch fabric, the Tech Pants are some of the most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear when out hiking in winter.

The Dunit pants are made from warming materials using our exclusive mTHERM insulation technology, which makes them perfect for cold temperatures. Their 2-way stretch material also provides maximum freedom of movement when you’re out and about.

enjoy yourself, with the perfect Maier Sports outdoor clothes

Winter hiking

Winter hiking is a great opportunity to enjoy physical activity in a beautiful natural environment – even during the cold winter months. Whether you’re visiting the Allgäu or Ziller valley regions or some of the great hiking trails near where you live, a good hike is a great way to keep body and mind healthy. Enjoy every second of your winter with breathable, functional and comfortable Maier Sports outdoor clothes.