Our Latit product range

Our Latit hiking pants get your blood pumping for adventure. They’re a great combination of stylish casual looks, a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Our Latit hiking pants are at home in nature. They provide great functionality while conserving natural resources. That’s because they’re made with our newly developed and highly elasticated mSTRETCH Pro 4 Eco fabric. This material consists of 88 % recycled polyester yarn, making Latit pants easily recyclable once they reach the end of their life cycle.

These modern hiking pants impress with maximum freedom of movement and a comfortable feeling on the skin. Thanks to their environmentally friendly PFC free finish, they’re resistant against stray splashes of water – and in case the rain gets bad, dryprotec technology ensures your pants dry quickly afterwards. Meanwhile, four spacious pockets provide ample room for important items to take with you on your hike.

You can choose between long Latit pants, zip-off pants, and shorts, both in women’s and men’s sizes and designs. Women can also go with a Capri shorts variant. And of course, all of these are available in a great variety of sizes to fit any body shape and size.

Latit pants are made to last, like all our high-quality products. We stand for our quality with a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship. As part of our commitment to ecological sustainability, we maintain a dedicated sewing room for our repair service at Köngen, our brand’s home since 1938. Innovation is our tradition!

Our Latit pants are Maier Sports’ first recyclable outdoor pants with NFC tags. These glued-in and sewn-in tags can be scanned with a smartphone, providing all necessary information about the product. This makes it easier to recognize when the pants have reached the end of their life cycle and can be turned into new high-quality Maier Sports products. That way, we turn 100% Maier Sports into 100% Maier Sports.

With the Latit product range, we follow the Design2Recycle/Recycle2Design concept, designing our products in such a way that we can recycle them into new high-quality products after use.

Circle for future - 100% Maier Sports cycles to again 100% Maier Sports

The idea of Design2Recycle/Recycle2Design has had us thinking for a very long time, as it represents a genuinely sustainable and forward-looking closed cycle production concept for our pants, jackets, and shirts. Thus, old clothes turn into new Maier Sports products of equal quality.

Our cycle starts with designing recyclable products without compromising in terms of quality and performance. Circular economy is our goal, so we plan for it from the very start, with even the smallest details in mind – from the manufacturing process to the recycling of the materials. We also document the entire process, using special NFC tags which carry detailed information on the materials used to produce our clothes. “NFC” stands for “near field communication” with our partner, innovative service and platform specialist XiPHOO. After the clothes are sold and used by the consumer for the longest possible amount of time, they’re fed back into our sorting and recycling processes. Our sorting systems can read the NFC tags to determine which type of material can be won from the used pieces of clothing. This makes separating, sorting, and recycling the fabrics notably more effective while ensuring the quality of the recycled resources.

We then use the raw fibres won in this way to create new high-quality yarn which is then used to weave new fabrics for entirely new Maier Sports products created by our product development team. Our main goal is to significantly limit the amount of fossil resources we use while massively increasing the percentage of recycled raw materials in our products. Thanks to upcycling principles, we can thus create a new product from an old one, still inside our own supply chain. This is what 100% sustainable production cycles are all about.