The structure of our Outdoor collection clearly indicates the focus of each line: Trekking, Hiking and Urban Travel. By separating the collection into these three categories, we can better meet your needs and wishes as a hiking and outdoor fan. With sport-specific products and designs that are geared to your individual needs and requirements, so that you can enjoy your activities in the outdoors to the fullest. When developing and categorising each product, we always focus on the primary purpose. Nevertheless, you can use the products in a variety of ways according to your wishes and preferences.


Our sportiest Outdoor line. Designed for discerning nature lovers who enjoy challenging themselves and venturing off the beaten and hard-surfaced tracks. Our trekking pants are technical products with high functional requirements. You will find the right products for a wide range of purposes to cope with fall and winter conditions on hiking and trekking tours, snowshoe hikes or a day of skiing. During the development, we had people in mind who want to enjoy nature, have fun and experience their own personal adventure on more demanding tours, whenever and wherever they like. We are also launching two new trekking pants this season: the Tephrit Plus technical touring pants with a host of features and the Diabas Bib with a bib and a waterproof, highly breathable mTEX 20.000 membrane suitable for mountain and alpine tours.


Hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers will feel right at home with products from our Hiking line. Our successful, multiple test-winning Nil/Lulaka pants and the Inara Slim/Torid Slim pants are still at the heart of the collection. They are joined by zip-off pants that come into their own on beautiful fall days. You will find a wide spectrum of jackets geared to different needs, from the lighter Metor 3-season hiking jacket to the highly versatile Gregale DJ outdoor double jacket with the waterproof mTEX 10.000 outer jacket and cuddly, warm fleece inner jacket. The numerous midlayers complement them beautifully, allowing you to put together a myriad of individual outfits – visually and functionally. Some models can be found in matching colours in both our Outdoor and Ski lines, which underlines the versatility of our products.


Outdoor functions with a modern, urban look. The perfect outfit for your microadventure in and around town, for trips to the park, heading off on holiday or for visiting the arena, when the latter is eventually allowed again. This is exactly what the styles in our Urban Travel line have been designed for. Comfort, convenience and fashionable trends are essential for enjoying your fall and

winter activities safely. Especially when the weather isn’t showing its sunny side. The new, sleek and modern Foidit men’s pants – warm, 4-way stretch and a cool style – perfectly embody the spirit of this line. As do the women’s softshell Lapilli pants with a slim fit: close-fitting cut, slim and with accentuated stitching. When it comes to the jackets, warm linings dominate, such as the women’s and men’s Jamari jacket – sleek, nice and light with a cosy quilted lining. The perfect choice for Christmas markets, long walks in the snow and shopping trips in icy temperatures.